Upcoming Events

Southwestern War 5

The Wizarding World

March 22-25 Blythe, CA

Castle Mania I

The Battle for Hogwarts

April 12-15 Colmesneil, TX

Known World War III

The treaty has been broken

(Date change!) April 25-29 Smithville, MO

War of the Darkshore XXI

Claim the Iron Throne at a Game of Thrones themed event

May 10-13 King City, CA

Saviours of the Stars

Winter’s Edge spring coronation event

May 11-13 Spencer, TN

Salt War 2018

4 days questing and battling in Dragonlance

May 24-27 Ogden, UT

Olympiad XXVIII at MAME 2018

Amtgard’s annual war and cultural tournaments

May 25-27 Mankato, MN

Rakis 2018: Back into the Woods

A celebration of fairy tales and folklore

June 13-17 Cripple Creek, CO

Gathering of the Clans 36

Fairytales Grimm at Amtgard’s oldest event

July 18-22 Mayhill, NM

Circles of Fate 2018

Western Winds summer campout

July 19-22 Spruce Grove, AB CA

Keep on the Borderlands IX

Tales of the Sword Coast at Amtgard’s largest event

September 19-23 Manteno, Il

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