Type Name Owner Members
Company A.R.F. Shadydeal 2
Household All Hallowed Cinder 18
Household Amazons Faolon The Hawk 2
Household Amtgard Armorers Guild Glenalth 1
Company Argentis Draconis Goethar Silverscale 3
Household Blackhand Uncivil Engineering Firm Glenalth 1
Household Church of the Apocalypse Fu (PV) 5
Household Council of Imaginary Ninja Marcil Woodsman 1
Company Crusaders of the Apocalypse Lobo 2
Company Dancing Silver Moon Xantcha Aligheri Solanus 1
Household Darkbane Order Loknarl 1
Household Darkjester, Harlequin Serpentara 1
Company Davion Blood Heirs Balder Lance Stroke 1
Household Delete Anthros 1
Household Demons of oblivion Anthros 15
Company doggs of war Xantcha Aligheri Solanus 1
Household Dun Draoneach Glenalth 1
Household Dwarven Kingdom of Hammers Reign Theodoxus Thaxson 1
Company Faery Mafia Autumn Skywynter 1
Household Fenice Anthros 8
Household Followers of the Tyedye Goddess Marcil Woodsman 1
Company Golden Lions Alucard Draconis 2
Household Gryphter Alessecar Filindel 2
Household House Saretah Moon Xantcha Aligheri Solanus 1
Household Irish Legitimate Business Front Clio Ninetails 1
Company Leg VII Fulminata Serac 1
Household Legacy Naga / Nagateth Darkjester 1
Household Legion of the Storm Silverfish 1
Household Linden's Brute Squad Clio Ninetails 1
Household Lionesse Alley Cat 2
Company Loka Honna Lennalf 6
Company MacGregor Bovine 1
Household Metalflight Glenalth 1
Household Ministers of Grace Clio Ninetails 4
Company Order of the Clover Bevier Arcanum 2
Event Pegasus Valley Adventuring Guild Glenalth 68
Company Peregrine's Minstrels Isoud 6
Company PV DC JLA Shadydeal 4
Company Red Branch Whitlock 7
Company Sable Pride Clio Ninetails 1
Household Scalpel and Broadsword Arch Duke Squire Chekers 1
Company Semigallian Foreign Legion Odvar Haraldsson 1
Company Shadow Moon Datura 6
Company Sterling Dogs Balbazack 1
Company Stix Mada Koiasha 1
Household The Alchemical Alliance Anthros 4
Company The Valkyries MacGyver 4
Company Wardancers Cassandrah Catrina Scarpaw 3
Company Wheel Glenalth 5
Household Wingwomen and Wingmen MacGyver 1
Company Wolf Gang Honzo 4
Household Wolf Riders Clan Malifick 6
Household Woodwalke House Aubrey Epos Woodwalke 2
Company Young Justice Amatiel Cassandra 3