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Dues Paid: No
Password Expires: Expired

Companies & Households

Name Type
Teutonic Order Household
(Defunct) The Guild of the Sacred Rose Household
(Gnu)MU Household
9th legion First cohorts of Rome and Guardians of the eagle our patron jupiter Household
A&S Judges Guild Company
A.R.F. Company
Abenddaemmerung Company
Abyssal Lords Company
Academy Cold War Company
Acolytes of Vera Household
Adepts Company
Adventurers Household
Aegis Company
Aethyr Company
Aethyr Company
Agape Household
Agony Jugging Household
Akh Morn Household
Albus Aduro, Wenches Guild Household
All Hallowed Household
Allegiance of Brothers Company
Alliance Company
Alpha Guard Company
Amalgam Household
Amazon Household
Amazons Household
Ambiguous Company
Ambulatis Mortis Company
Amt-Guardians Household
Amtaku Household
Amtgard Armorers Guild Household
Amtgard Demo Team Household
Amtgard Emergency Management Agency Company
Amtgard Fighter Corps Company
Amtgard House of Ravenclaw Household
Amtgard Hufflepuffs Household
Amtgard Slytherins Household
Amtguardians Household
Amtvengers Household
Anbu Black Ops Household
Ancient & Not So benevolent Cult of the Damned Company
Anderson Clan Household
Angeli Nocturna Household
Angelus Mortis Household
Angron, House of Company
Angry Sky Company
Animals of Chaos Company
Annihalus Company
Annihalus Company
Annihalus Company
Annunaki Company
Anonymous Company
Anti Viktard Coalition Company
Anyanka Armory Household
Apex Household
Apocalypse Company
Apotheosis Company
Araluen Ranger Corps Household
Arasinda Elit Company
Arcadian forge Household
Arcana Company
Arcane Oaks Company
ARCH Household
Archa Company
Archangels Household
Archon Company
Archons of the Storm Company
Arclight Company
Ares Company
Argent Aura Company
Argent Flame Household
Argent Moon 2nd Rising Company
Argent Wolf Household
Argentis Draconis Company
Ariste Company
Arkain Household
Armor Bro's Household
ARMS Company
Arnout Household
ASAP MOB Household
Asayrians Household
Ascendant Company
Ascendants Company
Ashbjorn Household
Assan Calder Household
Assana Clan, The Company
Assassin's Guild Household
Astar's Rangers Household
Astute Company
Asura Company
Athena, House of Company
Atlantis Myrmidons Household
Attempted Murder Household
Audible Pop (Punk) Household
Auldrenthaka Studios Household
Azure Masque Household
Azurian Guard Company
Baba Yaga Company
BaBraw Company
Bacon Household
Bad Medicine Household
Baer Valtivar Household
BaGaNaGaS Company
Balladeers Company
Balliamo Household
Band of the Red Hand Company
Band Of Thorns Household
Banded Blade Household
Banded Brothers Household
Bangarang Company
Bardic Blues Company
Bardic College of Winter's Edge Household
Bards and Nobels Household
Bards of the Tides Household
Bash Bros Company
Battlecraze, House Company
Bear Clan Company
Bearclaw Thunder Company
Beast From the East Company
Beastling Household
Bellator Adamas Company
Ber Serkr Company
Beserkers For Life Company
BETA Household
BFDs Company
Bikja Hamar Household
Bilgewater Mutineers Household
Birds of Prey Company
Bitch Witch Stitch Niche Household
BJORN Household
Black and Blue Hearts Household
Black and White Company
Black Angel Mercenary Corps Company
Black Company Company
Black Company Household
Black Cross Pirates Company
Black Dagger Brother Hood Company
Black Fox Tribe Company
Black Hand Company
Black Hand Sovereign Guard Company
Black Hands Company
Black Hart Company
Black Heaven Company
Black Legion of Caesar Company
Black Lions Company
Black Lotus Monastery Household
Black Nights Company
Black Nights Company
Black Oaks Company
Black Regent Company
Black Rose Company
Black Seraphs Company
Black Spiral Company
Black Steel Order Company
Black Templars Company
Black Thorn Vanguard Company
Black Twilight Company
Black Wald Wardens Company
Black Watch Company
Blackhand Uncivil Engineering Firm Household
Blackharts Company
BlackIce Household
Blackrose Coven Household
Blacksheep Household Company
blackwatch Household
Blackwood Gypsy Camp Company
Blades of Blood Household
blades of thunder Company
Blakstar Company
Blanket Bunnies Household
Blood Axes Company
Blood Chaos, House Household
Blood Company Company
Blood Irises Company
Blood Lords Company
Blood Raiders Household
Blood Ravens Company
blood tallon Company
Blood Wolves Household
Blooddrinkers Household
BloodMoon Household
Bloodmoon's Tear Household
Bloodmoore Family Household
Bloodpack Company
Bloodpack Company
Bloodraven Household
Bloodstone Thunder Household
Blue Crane Company
Blue Falcons Company
Blue Hood Marque Company
Blue Lanterns Company
Blue Lanterns Company
Blue Man group Company
Blue Moose Household
Bluefist Marauders Household
Boarshead Family Household
Book & Blade Household
Borderlands Alumni Household
Boss Squad Company
Boulanger Household
Boulderize! Company
Boulders Forge Household
Bovine Society Household
Brass Rat Household
Bregan D'aerth Company
Bregan Frith Company
Brethren Court Company
Brethren of the Cup & Coin Company
Brimstone Basilisks Company
Broken Blades Household
Broken Heart Society Household
Broken Hearts Household
Bromance Household
Bronies of Serpent Valley Household
Brotherhood Company
Brotherhood of Assassins Household
Brotherhood of Azor Company
Brotherhood of Beasts Household
Brotherhood of Dark Tower Company
Brotherhood Of Mercenary Brigands Household
Brotherhood of Steel Company
Brotherhood of Steel Household
Brotherhood of the Anvil Company
Brotherhood of the Black Oak Company
Brotherhood of the Bladed Lotus Company
Brotherhood of the Blood Moon Household
Brotherhood of the Branded Forge Household
Brotherhood of the Branded Forge Household
Brotherhood of the Cross Bones Company
Brotherhood of the Dens Company
Brotherhood of the Red Horn Company
Brotherhood of the sword Household
Brotherhood of the Wolf Company
Brothers Inc. Company
Brownies Anonymous Household
Builders Company
Bulldog Brigade Company
Bulls of Hawk's Point Company
Bumble Bees Company
Bunachas Ealain Household
Burdenkeepers FC Company
Burner Household
Burning Cinder Legion of Crimson Chaos Fire Company
Burning Grove Company
Burning Shadows Company
C.H.B.D.G.A.F. Household
Caleldar Elven Household Household
Caligro Pirate Crew Household
Caochladh Amhasg Company
Captain Dave and the Scourge of the Western Winds Household
Captain Willie and the J-Force Company
Card XIII Company
Carnival of Carnage Household
Casa de los Alacranes Household
Caster's College Household
Castle Crackers Household
Cats Household
Cavern Companions Household
Celestial Artisans Household
Celestial Elf Household
Celestial Griffons Household
Celtic Dragons Company
Celtic Rose Household
Celts Company
Cerberus Company
Chalybs et Sanguis Company
Chamber of Whispers Household
Chaos Horde Company
Checkmate Company
CheckMate Company
Chicken Headed Samurais Company
Children of Echidna Household
Children of Lugh Household
Children of the Aesir Household
Children of the Nephilim Company
Children of the Woods Company
Choshu-Han Ishin Shishi Company
Chronical Conspiracies Household
Chumomisto Gypsies Company
Chumomisto Gypsies v2.0 Company
Church O' the Pirate Household
Church of Jonis Household
Church of PIE Household
Church of Saint Porkins Household
Church of the Apocalypse Household
Church of the Fire God Household
Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster Household
Church of Tyr Household
Circle of Steel Company
Circle Of The Black Thorn Company
Circle of The Lost Company
Clack Clack Company
Clan Akinishto Household
Clan Akitor Household
Clan Bearskull Household
Clan Berry Company
Clan Blackmaw Household
Clan Bloodtooth Household
Clan Campbell Company
Clan Clowder Household
Clan Doomcaber Household
Clan Eag Company
Clan Fire Hammer Household
Clan FluffyTree Company
Clan Gazelle Household
Clan Greycat Company
Clan Grimwulff Company
Clan Iron Wolf Household
Clan Khim' bar Company
Clan Langmark Company
Clan MacAbee Household
Clan MacDougall Company
Clan MacGillivray Household
Clan MacGreen Household
Clan MacGyver Household
Clan McKrotch Household
Clan Nightblossom Household
Clan Nolis Household
Clan Oaksblood Household
Clan Oathbreaker Household
Clan of Bones Company
Clan of the Bears Company
Clan of the Bloodmoon Company
Clan Okuyama (House) Household
Clan Panurple Company
Clan Raion Company
Clan Ramseys Household
Clan Redheart Company
Clan Rimefrost Household
Clan Rukruk Household
Clan Scythe Company
Clan Sturmovik Company
Clan Tua\'sal Household
Clan Turtle Household
Clan Wolfram Household
Clan Wolfrick Household
Clawgrindyr Household
Clear Night Household
Clockwork Company
CloudWalkers Household
Coalition of Grandeur Company
Coastguard Household
Cobra Kai Dojo Household
Cohors Praetoria - XIII Company
College of the Frozen North Household
Comic Tragedy Household
Commonwealth Company
Companions of the Elements Household
Company of Strangers Company
Company of Strangers West Company
Company of Unkindness Company
Company X Company
ContractApp Company
Cookie Militia Company
Cookie Monsters Company
Corinthus Household
Corsairs Company
Corvo Nero Company
Cosa Nostra Company
Cossacks Company
couch of no Household
council of thirteen Company
Council of Imaginary Ninja Household
Council of Set Company
Council of The Shadowed Concordance Company
CounterStrike Company
Court Jesters Company
Court Of Chaos Company
Coven Household
Coven of the Grove Household
Covenant of the Sun Company
Crafty Wenches Household
Crawling Chaos~ Company
Creed of Annihilation Household
Creed of the Colony Household
Cresent Moon Company
Crew of the Drunken Kraken Household
Crew of the Emerald Tide Household
Crew of the Obsidian Rakesh Household
Crimson Avians Company
Crimson Blades Household
Crimson Blood Dragons Company
Crimson Circlet (Household) Company
Crimson Gorget Household
Crimson Guard Company
Crimson Marauders Company
Crimson Masks Company
Crimson Tide Household
Crimson Valiant Crew Household
Crimson Willow Company
Crimson Wind Household
Critter and the Hot Chicks Company
Croi Reoite Household
Crownscendos Household
Crusader Company
Crusaders Household
Crusaders Legion Company
Crusaders of Amtgard Household
Crusaders of Memphis Company
Crusaders of the Apocalypse Company
Crusaders of Tor Company
Crusty Old Farts Company
Crystal Corps Household
Crystal Guardians Household
Crystal Valkyries Company
Cult of Bork Bork Household
Cult of the Dragon Company
Cult of the Dreadlord Household
Cult of the Mad God Household
CuMorrigan Company
Current's Blade Household
Cutie Mark Crusaders Household
Da Boyz Household
Da Broken Mountain Clan Household
Da Red Skabz Household
Da Vinci Household
daemonium venator Household
Dagger of the Silver Moon Company
Dahunic Company
Damage Inc ( Household) Company
Dancers of the AEther Household
Dancing Silver Moon Company
Dani's Brigade Household
Dar Company
Dark Brotherhood Company
Dark Brotherhood Household
Dark glory Household
dark harvengers of destruction Company
Dark Harvest Company
Dark Monks Company
Dark Riders Company
Dark Runners Company
Dark Sovereigns Company
Dark Triforce Corps Company
Dark Troll House Company
Darkbane Order Household
Darkest Before the Dawn Household
Darkfire Guild Company
DarkFrost Household
Darkjester, Gypsy Moon Household
Darkjester, Harlequin Household
Darkjester, Shadowbell Household
Darklund Company
Darkwater Company
Darkwood Household
Dashite Household
Dat Tco Household
Dawn Chasers Company
Dawn Rising Household
Dayleeonous Household
Dead Household
Dead Rabbits Company
Dead Weights Company
Deadpool Corps Household
Deadrise Bay Pirate Fleet Household
Death Boulder Clan Household
Death Dealers Household
Death Guard Company
Death Incarnate Household
Death Walkers Company
Deathwatch Company
Decum Household
Defenders and Friends of CuMorrigan Household
Defenders of Hope Company
Defunct Household
Defunct Household
Defunct Household
Degeneration X Company
Deisceabail de Goibniu Household
DELETE Company
Delete Company
delete maybe Company
delete maybe Household
delete maybe Company
delete maybe Household
delete maybe Household
delete maybe Household
Delzora Company
Demon Gate Company
DemonBlade Syndicate Company
Demons of Oblivion Household
Den Of Dragons Company
Den of Evil Company
Den of Valor Household
Densetsu Company
Derelictum Household
Desert Winds Reeves Guild Household
Devil\'s hoard Company
Dick'n Cider Company
Direwolf Clan Household
Dirty Old Men Company
Disaster Recovery Crew Household
Disgruntled Fighters' Syndicate Company
Ditch Ground Ruffians Company
Ditch Monkey, House Household
DitchGround Ruffians Company
Dochasan Lasair Company
DodenSkara Household
Dodenskara Company
Dog Soldiers of Cu Chulainn Company
Dog Soldiers of CuChulainn Company
doggs of war Company
Dominion of Saints Household
Domus Inventa Scriptores Company
Domus Octavii Household
Domus Umbra Company
Draconus Company
DraconusFoxus Household
Dragneel Household
Dragon ,The House of Company
Dragon Blade Mercenaries Company
Dragon Claw Company
Dragon Division Company
Dragon Fangs Household
Dragon Isle Company
Dragon Riders Household
Dragon Syndicate Household
Dragon's Blade Company
Dragon's Commonwealth Household
Dragon's End Company
Dragon's Fire Company
Dragon's Haven Company
Dragon's Militia Company
Dragonflame Company
Dragonforge Household
Dragonlight Household
Dragonriders of Dragonspine Household
Dragons of the Isles Household
Dragons of The Rune Company
Dragons of The Rune Company
Dragons of the Rune Company
Dragons Souls Company
Dragonspine Paragon Academy Household
Dragonspur Company
DragonStorm Company
Dragonstorm Company
Dragoon Brotherhood Company
Dragoon Company Household
Draug Ohtar Household
Dreadmoor College of Arts and Sciences Household
Dreadmoor Rangers Company
DreamBreakers Company
Dreamweavers Household
Dri appeture Household
Druid Circle Household
Drunken Buccaneers Household
Drunken Wyvern Household
Duath O Fain Draug Household
Dues Paid for Life Household
Dun Draoneach Household
Dusk Raiders Company
Dwarven Kingdom of Hammers Reign Household
Eastern Expeditionary Guild Household
EastWind Healers Household
Ebon Order Company
Ebon Wing Company
Echidna's Brood Company
Eclipse Company
Eclipse Company
eclipse household Household
Einherjar Company
Eisenwald Company
Elphyne Sceal Household
Elves of Amtgard Household
Emberlight Household
Emerald Guard Household
Emerald Rose Company
Enchanted Bat Company
Enchanted Leaf Household
Endless Waters Household
Esdraelon Household
Esen Harem Household
Espada Company
Esydra Company
Eternal Celts Company
Eternal Flame Company
Eternal Order of Darkness Company
Eternal Order Of Darkness Household
Eudaimus Company
Ever Growing Snapdragons Company
Evergreen Gate Company
Evil French Household
Evil French Canadians Company
Evolution Company
Exalted Company
Exalted Order Company
Exiles of the nine Company
Expendables Company
Faded Horde Company
Fae Council Household
Fae Haven Household
Faery Mafia Company
Fairy Tail Household
Fairy's Sorrow Household
Fairytail Household
Falcon Guard Company
Fallen Dragon Company
Fallen Ones Company
Fallen Wasteland Household
Familia de Rosa et Gladius Company
Far Travellers Company
Fariytail Household
Fat bastards, House Company
Fat Kid, House Household
Favored House Pacific Company
Fellowship of the Skulls Household
Fenice Household
Ferrum Crux Company
Fighting Pussycats Company
Fists of the Eclipse Company
Flames of the Tyrant Company
Flood Brothers Company
Foam Therapy Household
Followers of the Tyedye Goddess Household
Followers of the Wandering Star Company
Forgeborne Company
Forgotten Elves Household
Forsaken Company
Forsaken Household
Forsaken Family Company
Forsaken ones Company
Fortune\'s Hand Company
Fox Guard Company
FoxFire Company
Fraternal Order of the Epic Stein (FOES) Household
Free Blades Household
Free Blades Company
Free Booters Household
Free Companies Company
Free Merchants Company
Free Range Butterflies Household
Freelancer Company
Frenzy United Company
Friends of The Prestige Household
Frostbrew Company
Frosted Paynes Household
Frumpy Weapons Company
Furyan (House) Company
FYFM Household
Galanodel Household
Galaxy Household
Gallerian's Gift Company
Galloglass Company
Gang Green Company
Garrison of Dragon Hill Company
Gaslight Amtgard Company
Gawad Taur Household
Gearhold Merchants Guild Company
Get 'Er Done! Company
Geynggeyng Household
Ghost Walkers Household
Ghosts of Schefelker Household
Ghosts Of War Company
Ghostwalkers Company
Ghostwalkers Household
Gingerbread House, The Company
Giovanni Clan Household
Girl Couch Company
Git Gud Academy Household
Glas Trodaire Household
Glee Club Household
Glen Company
Goat's Executives Household
Goblin Army , The Household
Goblin Asylum Household
Goblin Heavy Weapons Crew (GHWC) Company
Goblin Slaying Elite Household
Goblin Union of Mercenaries Company
Godstone Fair Household
Going Merry Household
Golden Dragon Company
Golden Dragons of Rising Winds Company
Golden Hearth Company
Golden Horde Company
Golden Lions Company
Golden Lions Company
Good Game Academy Household
Gordun Company
Grand Temple of Ish Household
Graphic F/X Company
Grass Valley Grassers Household
Great Hunt Company
Great Sea Alliance Household
Green Dawn Company
Green Dragons Company
GreenDawn Household
Greenforge Company
Grendel Company
Grey Fangs Company
Grey Fangs Company
Grey Legion Company
Grey Order of Dawn Company
Greycat Clan Company
Greyhawk, House Household
Greyseer Household
Griff N' Dor Household
Grimgar Household
Grimm Hollows Household
Grimwulf Clan Company
Gryphon's Pryde Company
Gryphon's Rage Company
Gryphter Household
Guardians of Discord Household
Guardians of Endor Household
Guardians of Silverkeep Company
Guardians of the Evergreen Company
Guardians of the Temple Company
Gudhism Company
Guild of Hermes Household
Guild Of Lumberjacks Company
Guild of Scholars Company
Guild of Shadows Household
Guild of the Metal Spider Household
Guile Company
Gypsies of the Sylvan Wood Company
Gypsies of Thorn-Rad Company
Gypsies of Thorn-Rad Company
Gypsy Company
H.E.X Company
Half Dollar House Household
Hammerfell Household
Hammers Company
HammerStryke Household
Hand of Anubis Household
Hand of Loki Company
Happy Hour Household
Harbingers Company
Harkonnen Company
Harmonic Entropy Household
Hatchet House Company
Hatchet House Household
Havoc Company
Headbasher Household Company
HearthHome Household
Hearthkeepers Household
Hell's Belles Household
Hellaquin Company
Hellion's Tears Company
Hellscream Household Company
Hell\'s Gate Household
Hen House Household
Heralds of the Apocalypse Company
Heralds of the Griffin Household
Hexxus Company
HHH Manor Household
Hidden Blade Company
Hidden Blades Household
Highlighter Company
Historical Cookery Guild Household
HMS Turtle's Revenge Household
Hojo Clan Company
Hollow Landers Household
HOLM Company
Holy Bearers of Bacon Company
Holy Office of the Inquisition Household
Honey Badger House Household
Horde Company
Horsemen Company
Hospitallers Company
Host of Horus Company
Hounds of Night Company
Hounds of Ulstier Household
House Accuris Company
House Aka-Neko Company
House Amunet Company
House and Clan Silvermane Household
House Ansgar Household
House Aracorn Company
House Atlas Household
House Aureus Household
House Aurum Household
House Balgul\'Brulk Household
House Bardic Household
House Bathory Company
House Bathory Household
House Beer Household
House Ben-Israel Household
House Beorn Household
House BigG Sluff Household
House Blackwolf Company
House Blackwood Company
House Blood Household
House Bloodscratch Household
House Bloodscratch Household
House Blue Dragon Household
House Blue Dragon Household
House Blue Dragon Company
House Braedranna Household
House Broken Household
House Burdenkeeper Household
House Burn Household
House Cari Household
House Celestial Reeves Household
House Companion Household
House Corvid Household
House Crimson Household
House Crypticon Household
House D'Artiste Household
House Darksoul Household
House Darkstalker Household
House Darkstar Household
House Dat Boi Household
House DeLoki Household
House DFV Household
House Dickshot Household
House Dimir Household
House Draco Household
House Draco Household
House Draconis Household
House Dracul Company
House Dragonclaw Household
House Dragoneye Household
House Dragonspawn Household
House Draycon Household
House Emmet Household
House End'Oh Household
House Eos Household
House Evarayne Household
House Evercraft Household
House Everdong Household
House Fairy Tail Household
House Falco Kurg Company
House Fallstar Household
House Farquestor Household
House Fierce Household
House Flamespitter Company
House Flora Household
House Foxfire Household
House Frostwind Household
House Fukkit Household
House Gale Household
House Gallifrey Household
House Glitterbomb Household
House Goldenhammer Household
House GQ Household
House Gravy Household
House Haardrad Household
House Hali Household
House Harkonnen Household
House Havaar Household
House Heathen Household
House Helghan Household
House Highever Household
House Honeymead Household
House Honinbo Household
House Ingotbraid Household
House Ironwolf Household
House Je'daii Household
House Kaine Household
House Karstark Company
House Kartoffel Household
House Kildaire Household
House Killraven Household
House Lasair Household
House Lasair Household
House Leedle Household
House Leonis Company
House Little Dragons Household
House Longtail Household
House Lore Keepers Household
House Lyonall Household
House Lyonall Household
House MacThoirdealbaig Household
House madness Household
House Magnificentia Household
House McGlean Household
House McGlean Household
House McKrotch Household
House McNikle Household
House Morning Star Household
House Morningstar Household
House Mortem Household
House Myrth'morar Household
House Naaraya'loki Company
House Novellis Household
House O' Hare Household
House Obsidyn Household
House Odin Household
House Odin Household
House Odinson Household
House of Allied Artisans Company
House of Arrow and Sun Household
House of Ash Household
House of Auditore-Paine Company
House of Avalon Household
House of Awen Household
House of Barbie Company
House of Bells Household
House of Bourbonia Company
House of Brian Company
House of Calcifer Household
House of Carthanas Household
House of Cats Household
House Of Ceallaigh Household
house of corndogs Household
House Of Crats Household
House of Doom Household
House of Dracul Household
House of Fools Household
House of Gestur Household
House of Grayskull Company
House of Grey Household
House of H34DHUNT3RS Household
House of Heaven Household
House of Hidden Horrors Household
House of hope Household
House of Hyrule Household
House of Ironstar Household
House of Keign Household
House of Lycanthropy Household
House of Macros Household
House of Massacre Household
House of Mothor Company
House of Nargile Company
House of Night Household
House of Night Wraiths Company
House of Ogswald Company
House of Pi(e) Household
House Of Plague Household
House of Salt Household
House Of Silent Shadows Household
House of Soram Household
House of Stones Household
House of Takigawa Household
House Of Tea Household
House of the Burning Blade Company
House of the Claw Company
House of the Comet Household
House of the Community Chest Household
House of the Crescent Dawn Household
House of the Dancing Saber Household
House of the Dead Household
House of the Elite Hunters Household
House of the Eternal Dagger Company
House of the Fallen Household
House of the Flying Reapers Household
House of The Forsaken Household
House of the Gaming Dragon Household
House of the Healing Hands Household
House of the Hungry Solder Company
House of the Iron Ravens Household
House of the Jingly Company
House of The LaCroix Company
House of the Last Laugh Household
House of the Midnight Star Household
House of The Moon Company
House of the MoonTree Household
House of the Muse Household
House of the Natural ONE Household
House of the Nine Nights Household
House of the Serpent's Ladder Household
House Of The Sev3n Demons Company
House of the Silver Moon Household
House of the Sins Household
House of the Three Suns Household
House of the Troubadours Household
House of the Undying Force Household
House of the Wayward Wyvern Household
House of the White Rose Household
House of Thrice Household
House of Underdark Company
House of Wilson Household
House of Zsoldos Company
House Ohffus Household
House Okami Household
House Oleander Household
House Order of the Lighting Cup Household
House Orm Household
House Ormwyrd Household
House Osgard Household
House Ptarmigan Household
House Rabid badger Company
House Rainbow Household
House Ravenhold Household
House Ravenos Household
House Raventhorne Household
House Rhino Company
House Ridgeborn Household
House Rivain Household
House Roisin Household
House Saphira Household
House Saretah Moon Household
House Sesshomaru Household
House Shadow Guard Household
House Shenanigans Household
House Shenanigans Household
House Silverlight Household
House Silvermoon Household
House Silverpath Household
House Silvia Household
House Slyhoard Household
House Smiling Household
House Snowflake Household
House Solaris Household
House Sparkle Household
House Specter Suns Corsairs Household
House Spectrum Household
House Starduste Household
House Stark Household
House Stitch Household
House Stormbringer Household
House Strongbow Company
House Sunforge Household
House Sunforge Household
House Swifthammer Household
House Tankard Household
House Tenebrarum Amplexis Household
House Thespis Household
House Thorn Household
House Thornhill Household
House Thornhill Household
House Thornhill Household
House Thornhill Household
House Toasty Household
House Transylvania Household
House Trash Panda Household
House Unity Household
House Valefor Household
House Valhalla Household
House Vigil Household
House Vilkas Household
House Voad Household
House von Drek Household
House Wolfspell Household
House Wolfstar Household
House Wyngarde Household
House Zefra Company
Household Darblings Household
Household of Munso Household
Household of Ralaar Klhu Household
Household of the Mask Company
Hrafn Hof Household
Huela Ssin Household
Huli Jing Temple Household
Hund Schädel Company
Hunters Company
Hus Riggson Household
Hús Vetra Skald Company
Hut Company
Hydras Haven Household
I Suck At This Game Household
Iceni Company
Iconoclast Company
Ilith Oloth Shar, House Household
Ilith Oloth, House Company
Illuminated Moon Mercenary Corps Household
Illuminaughty Household
Imperial Guard Household
Imperial Knights Household
Infernal Guard Company
infernal shark Household
InterKingdom House of Pancakes Household
IO Fan Club Company
Irish Legitimate Business Front Household
Irken Army Company
Irken Empire Company
Iron Crusaders Company
Iron Curtain Company
Iron Gauntlets Company
Iron Gryphon Company
Iron Leopards Company
Iron Leopards Company
Iron Mountains Brewers Guild Household
Iron Stags Company
Iron Swine Household
Iron Warriors Company
Iron Wulf Company
Ironclad Company
Ironheart Accord Household
IronHide Company
IronHide Household
Ironstar Adventuring Company Company
Ironwood Household
Ironwood, A Querna Tema based House Household
Isa and his Forty Thieves Company
Issho_Ni Company
Itty Bitty Diddy Committee Company
IX LEGION Household
Jackal Company Household
Jackalopes Company
Jade Moon Company
Jedi Order Company
Jesters of Olympus Household
Jokers Household
Jolly Rogers Company
Jorc 2.0 forever infinity unleashed: live on broadway Household
Jove's Fist Company
Jqtnarbani Company
Juda Company
Jump Force Company
Just Kaads Company
Justicars Company
Justice League of Amtgard Household
K.I.L.L Company
Kabal Fighting Company Company
Kagehasu Company
Kagehasu Household
Kalderasha Natsia Household
Karasu Ninja Clan Household
Karate Cops Household
Karhus, House Company
Karma Company Household
Karma Corps Household
Karp Kompany Company
KCG Elven Court Household
Keep on the Borderlands Event
Keepers of Canterlot Company
Keepers of the Realm Company
keepers of the warlord Household
KeLeo's Valkyries Household
KenRune Household
Kimono Club Company
Kin Errant Household
Kitsune Company
Kitsunes of Amtgard Household
Kitty Kat Household
Knobstars Household
Konania Household
Kriple Household
Kuma's Kommandos Company
Kumori Clan Company
Kurato Clan Household
La Corte dei Pariah Household
La Cosa Nostra Household
La Familia Household
La Femme Battalion Company
La maison du Grand Pottager Cuisinier de la Soupe Household
La Star Household
La Valse de la Lune Household
Lady Daggers Household Household
Lady's In Waiting Company
Ladybitches Household
Land's End Brewers Guild Household
Lantern Corps. Household
Larethian Household
League of Eventual Doom Household
League of Shadows Company
LEC Legion Company
Leemur's Ladies Company
Leg VII Fulminata Company
Legacy Household
Legacy Company
Legio VIIII Hispania Company
Legio XV Ventus Arboris Aquilae Company
Legion Company
Legion Company
Legion (Household) Company
Legion of Ares Company
Legion of House Manticore Company
Legion of the Black Cross Company
Legion of the Damned Company
Legion Of the Dracolich Household
Legion of the Storm Household
Legionem Ouroboros Household
Legionnaires Company
Lemons Household Company
Leopard paw clan Company
Leviathan Company
Leviathan Household
Leviculus Cappellum Tantum Household
Librarians of Amtgard Household
Linden's Brute Squad Household
Linnagond Merchants' Guild Household
Lionesse Household
Lions of Zion Company
Little Dragons FC Company
Livid Decieved Household
Loc's Raiders Company
Loka Honna Company
Lolipop Guild Company
Lome Gnomes Household
Long live pineapples Household
Lord Chamberlain's Troupe Household
Lord's of War Company
Lorekeepers of Alexandria Household
Lost Boys Company
Lost Empire Company
Lost Souls Company
Lotus Household
Lotus Flame Household
loveshak Company
Lucky Wench Company
Ludus of Twitticus Company
Luminari Household
Luminous Windstars Company
Luna Lobos Company
Lunar Tempest Company
Lunarea Company
Lycans of the Full Moon Clan Household
M.O.M. Squad Company
MacAbee Demo Team Event
Macabre Company
MacConneheigh Household
MacDougall, House Household
MacGregor Company
MacGrioghar Household
Macros Household
MacTrucketh Company
Mad Fool Company
Madyrn Lhug Company
Maelstrom Company
Magnificent Bastards Household
Magnificent Bastards Company
Maiar Company
Maker and Breaker Household
Malorius Household
Mandalorian Company
Mando'a Company
markopolo Company
MasKrusade Company
Masque of the Veiled Path Household
Masters of Nowhere Company
Maverick Household
Mccrafts Household
MegaLodons Company
Meowtastics Household
Mercenaries Company
Merry Muggers Household
Merry Muggers Household
Metalflight Household
Middle Ground Tavern ( household ) Company
Midgardian Explorers Company
Midguard Company
Midnight Cloud Company
Midnight Gypsies, The Household
Midnight Wanderers Household
Midwestern Amtgard Paranormal Society Company
Minions Household
Ministers of Grace Household
Ministry of Cabbage Household
Minstrels Of Creation Household
Misty Hollow Household
Mistyvale Assassin's Guild Household
Modern Barbarians Company
Moga Irregulars Company
Mollis Ira Household
Mollis Ira Household
Momma's Family Household
Mongrels Company
Monster Hunters International Company
Monsters Inc. Company
Moonhawk Household
Moonshadow Company
Moonsilver Inquisition Household
Morgannas Revenge Household
Mother Moon's Chosen Household
Murder hobos Household
Muridae Mischief Household
Museigen Household
Myrmidons Company
Mysterium Company
Mystic Falcons Company
mystik dragons Company
Mythborne Company
N.O.C. Company
Nachtjagers Household
Narejo Household
Narthania Company
Nature's Fury Household
Navigators Company
Nazuruth Company
NE Safe Space Household
Nefarious Interlopers Household
Neko Pirates Household
Nemesis Company
Nemesis Bane Company
Nemoralis Company
Nemoralis West Company
Nend Galavise Company
Nevarkrad Household
Neverland Household
New Camp, The Bent yet Unbroken Household
New Jerusalem Household
New Sith Empire Household
Newbloods Household
Newcomers Guild Household
Night Frights Household
Night Hawks Company
Night Hawks Company
NightBlood Household
Nightfall Citadel Company
Nightfall Guardians Household
Nightingales Household
Nightsong WolfPack Household
Nimbor Clan Company
Ninja No Ie Company
Ninja Turtles Company
Ninjasaurus Company
Nizari Company
No Company Company
No Heroes Company
No Quarter Company
Noble House of Leon Company
Noble Serpents Company
Nocte Vivat Company
Noctem Clan Company
Noctis Household
Nocturnals Household
Noir Renard Company
Nomads Company
Nordic Dragons Company
Nordic Nomads Company
Norse Star Company
North Haven Heavy Industries Company
Northern Amazons Household
Northern Lights Shutter House Household
Northlanders Company
Northreach Artisans Household
Northreach Responders Household
Not Real Company Company
Nova Co Household
null Household
NW Saracen Tribe - Morta Brigada Company
Obasi Spoon Household
Obsidian Order Household
Obsoleet Household
Occultis Verum Household
Odinmadr Company
Odious Pariahs Company
Olympus Royal Navy Household
Omega Company
One Eyed Dragon Clan (Date Clan) Company
One For All Company
One Sith Household
Ooty tang clan Company
Ooty Tang Clan Household
Oppai Kami Household
OPS Household
Order Medicalia Household
Order of Ancients Household
Order of AVO Company
Order Of Dark Forest Household
Order of Death's Embrace Company
Order of Peasants & Surfs (O.o.P.S) Company
Order of Ragnarok Company
Order of Smiths Household
Order of ST Cuthbert Household
Order Of Terileyea Company
Order of the Ash Household
Order of the Broken Barrel Household
Order of the Broken Gard Company
Order of the Clover Company
Order of the Crimson Saints Company
Order Of The Dragolich Household
Order of the Dying Light Company
Order of the Eldritch Eye Household
Order of the Elements Company
Order of the Errant Company
Order of the Fallen King Company
Order of the Gilded Dragons Household
Order of the Greenwood Household
Order of the Greenwood Company
Order of the Inquisitive Eye Company
Order of the Jovious Household
Order of the Kin Household
Order of the Laughing Badger Company
Order of the Mad Hatter Company
Order of the Mystic Eye Household
Order of the Onyx Household
Order of the Picnic Table Company
Order of the Sacred Lotus Household
Order of the Salty Slug Household
Order Of The Sanguine Shields Company
Order of the Silent Rose Household
Order of the Silver Spoon Household
Order of the Silver Stag Household
Order of the Sith Household
Order Of The Sunflower Household
Order of the Travelling Moon Household
Order of the White Raven Company
Order of the White Rose Household
Order of the Wise Household
Order of the Witchers Household
Ordine Elfassins Company
Orion Syndicate Household
Orochi Clan Company
Otani Company
Ouroboros Company
Outsiders Company
Over Protective Brother House Company
P.O.P. Household
Pack of the Full Moon Company
Pagkawasak Household
Painted Valkyries Company
Panty Crusaders Company
Panurple Company
Paragon Company
Paragon Mafia Household
Path of The Dragon Company
Pathos' Cove Company
Peasants Guild Company
Pegasus Valley Adventuring Guild Event
Pegasus Valley Reeves Guild Household
Penguin BrickSquad Household
Penitant Household
People's Republic of Cormacstan Company
Peregrine Company Company
Peregrine Guard Company
Peregrine's Minstrels Company
Persona Household
Persona Household
Petting Zoo Household
Phallus Household
Phantom Skull, Crew of the Household
Phatchronaughtics Household
Phoenix Gaurd Company
Phoenix Guard Company
Phoenix Guard Company
Phoenix Guard Company
Phoenix In Intuneric Company
Phoenix Rising Project Household
Phule's Company Company
Pine Fire Kitchen Household
Pink Ladies Company
Pink Unicorn Brigade Household
Pirates in Men's Pants Company
Pirates of Frost Fire Company
Pirates of the Platte Household
Pirates of the Rusty Chain Household
Pirates of the Silver Moon Company
Pirates Wink Company
Pladians Company
Plain White T's Company
Plan B Household
Planeswalker Company
Platinum Dragons Company
PM Mafia Company
Poop Sock Chamber Household
Power Rangers OF CG Household
Pre-Emptive Nautical Salvage Experts (PeNSE) Household
Preservers of the Eco-Bio-Deathosphere Company
Pride Company
Prohibition Company
Prometheus Household
Prowlers Company
Prowlers Company
PTK Company
Purple Rose Household
Purplepigeon Household
PV DC JLA Company
PV Order of the Silver Bell Household
Qu'ellar d' Oreb Household
Qu'ellar Renor Cryso Household
Quendelie Household
R.D.O.'s Household
R.D.O\'s Household
Raccoon Keep Company
RADMOOR Household
Ragged Crows Household
ragnars flock Company
Raiders from the Northern Skies Household
Random Adventurers Household
Ranger Corp Household
Ranger Corps. Company
Rangers of Retribution Company
Ranunculus Company
Rat Dogs Company
Raven Household
Raven Household
Raven Household
Raven Clan Household
Ravencroft Household
Ravenhold Household
Ravenous Company
Ravens Company
Ravens Fury Company
Ravenscaw Manor Household
Ravenwynd Company
Ravnicans Household
Ravnos of Sarroth Company
Rayside Brigade Company
REAPER Household
Reavers Company
Rebels of Blackwood Company
Rebels of the Sacred Heart Company
Reborn Company
Red Branch Company
Red Clan Household
Red Cohort Company
Red Dragons Guild Company
Red Hand of Ulster Household
Red Knives Company
Red Team Company
RedHawk Household
Redthorn Clan Company
Republic of Harley Household
Restless Souls Company
Revenants Company
Revenants of the Shatterfrost Company
Right Hand of God Company
Right to Bear Arms Household
Rinaed Aldregi-vetr Company
Rising Phoenix Household
Rising Suns, The Household
Rising Waters Household
Rivers End House of Pancakes Household
RKA Company
Roger's Raiders Company
Roger's Raiders Company
Rogue Company Company
Rolling Thunder Company
Rooks Company
Rose in the Wild Company
Rose in the Wild Company
Rose Quartz Household
Rosenkrantz Household
Rosewood Household
Roughknecks Household
Roving Highlanders Company
RTFR Company
Ruineco Company
Rusty\'s House of Fun Household
Rutgers, A team of the California Jugging League Company
RW - DPFL Household
RW-Suspensions or Probations Company
RWMW Household
S.H.I.E.L.D Household
S.S MINNOW crew Household
S3ven Company
Sable Drakes Company
Sable Pride Company
Sable Serpent Household
Sable's Drakes Company
Safe Space Westmarch Household
Safeguard Company Company
Sailor Senshi Household
Saints Company
Samurai (Household) Household
Sanctum Company
Sanctum Skies Household
Sanguine Immortuos Household
Saracen Company
Saracen Company
Saracen Tribe Brimstone Company
Saracen, Tribe Shadow Sentinals Company
Saracen- Mamluks Company
Saracens Company
Saracens Company
Saracens Company
Saracens Company
Saracens - Wetlands Company
Saracens Anubis's Pack Company
Saracens dark lotus tribe Company
Saracens Nomads Company
Saracens Tribe Brotherhood of Tempus Company
Saracens Tribe Crimson Hellcats Company
Saracens Tribe Latrosheen Company
Saracens Tribe Wardens Company
Saracens, Chuvash Dragons Company
Saracens, Kingdom of Tal Dagore Company
Saracens, Tribe B.O.S.S Company
Saracens, Tribe Bastard Sons of Habibi Company
Saracens, Tribe BoneCrusher's Company
Saracens, Tribe Crimson Falcon Company
Saracens, Tribe Dark Lotus Company
Saracens, Tribe Defenders of the Dream Company
Saracens, Tribe Hellfire Company
Saracens, Tribe Laughing Bat Company
Saracens, Tribe Legacy Company
Saracens, Tribe Legend Company
Saracens, Tribe Mutaharrik Tulai'a Company
Saracens, Tribe Obsidian Order Company
Saracens, Tribe Outlaw Company
Saracens, Tribe Shadoweaver Company
Saracens, Tribe Spartan Company
Saracens, Tribe Valhalla Company
Saracens,Tribe Dark Gryphon Company
Saracens- RW Saracens Company
Saracens: Tribe Black Hand Company
Saracens: Tribe of the Pheonix Company
Saracens: Tribe Templar Company
Saracens_Nationwide Company
Saretah Moon Company
Saretah Moon (New Pack) Company
Saurons Blade Company
Scalebound Company
Scalpel and Broadsword Household
Scalpers Company
School of Dirge and Mourning Household
Scions Company
Scions Ap Eald Aoibheil Company
Scouts Guild Union Household
Screaming Death Fairies Household
SDMF Jugging Crew Company
Seawolf Company
Second Sons Household
Sect of Kressh Household
Sect of the Abyss Household
Section Eight Company
Seeds of Change Household
Seekers of Elysium Company
Seekers of the Abyss Company
Seekers of the abyss Household
Seekers of the Eden Fruit Household
Semigallian Foreign Legion Company
Sentinel Household
Sentinels Household
Sentinels Of Discordia Company
Sentinels of the High Forest Company
Sentinels of Virtues Household
Seraphim Company
Seraphim of the Stars Company
Serene Order Household
Sev3n Demons Company
Seven Deadly Sins Household
Sevoneighnyne clan Household
Sexy Smiths Household
Shade Brigade Household
Shadow Chorus Company
Shadow Coucil Household
Shadow Dragon Company
Shadow Moon Company
Shadow Moon Company
Shadow Wolves Company
shadow's and mask's Company
Shadow's Home Company
shadowguard Company
ShadowLegion Household
Shadowvale Company
Shattertooth Slavers Company
Shield Sisters Household
Shifting Gaze Company
Shigurashi Company
Shippo Household
Shirai Ryu Household
Shit, Son Household
Shojah Household
Short Bus Household
Shrouding Mist Crafter's Guild Household
Siegeweapon Saints Household
Sign of the Raven Household
Silme Kyorlin Household
Silures Company
Silver Fang Company
Silver Leigon Company
Silver Sword Company
Silvestris Draconis Company
Sin Martin Household
Sin Martin Household
Singollo, House of Household
Sisters of the Crescent Moon Household
Sisters of the Spear Company
Sisters of the Spear Household Company
Sith Company
Sith Order Company
Skit's Private Army Household
Skullbaker Household
Skyhold Company
Slaver's Guild Company
Sloth Brigade Company
Sloughers Incorporated Household
Sloughing Duskans Household
Smiling Ones Household
SMOLS Company
SMP Historical Society Household
Society of Nice People Household
Society of the Hammer Household
Society of the Squid Household
Sol Invictus Company
Sol Invictus Company
Solar Guard Company
Son's of Iona Company
Son's of Iona, Black Spire Division Company
Son's of Odin Company
Sons of Apollo Company
Sons of Asgard Company
Sons of Battle, The Company
Sons of Odin Company
Sons of Thunder Company
sons of war Company
Soul Hunters Company
Soul Hunters Company
Soul Reapers Company
Soul Society Household
Soul's Arrow Company
Southern Party House Company
Space Rats Company
Spartans of Savannah Company
Spartans of the Rhye Company
Spelljocks Company
Sphinx Company
Spirit's Rest Household
spiti o sikarious Company
Spudmasher Clan Household
Squatch Company
SS Shepherds Company
St. Beast Company
Stamm Tyrs Faust Company
Star and The Jesus Kids Company
Star Questing Dragons Company
Stark Company
Stark Armory Household
Steel Brigade Company
Steel Brigade Company
Steel Rain Household
Stella Mirabilis Household
Sterling Dogs Company
Stick Chicks Household
Stix Mada Company
Stone Heads Company
Stone Hearts Household
Stonefist Household
Stoneheart Company
Stoneheart Company
Storm Company
Storm Blades Company
Storm Riders Company
Stormcats (Pride of the Southwest) Company
Stormcrows Household
StormWalkera Household
StormWalkera Household
StormWalkers Household
Strays of Mountain Valley Company
Struggle Bus Household
Stygian Company
suicide squad Company
Sultans of Swing Company
Sun Moon Passe Merchants Guild Household
Sunforged Battalion Company
Sushi Party Household
Swarm Company
SWFA Household
Swining Cats Revenge Household
Sword Knight Bootcamp Household
Sword of Selent (Household) Household
Swords of the Brazos Household
Swords of the Philanthropists Household
Swordsworn Company
Swordy Boys Company
T'nirgilesti Household
T.N.A. Company
Taboo Apostates Company
Tal'Mare'Ra Household
Tales of Our First Glory Company
Talon & Co. Company
Tanaka Clan Household
Tantiss Avengers Company
Tatsu Clan Company
Tavern Company
Tavi\'s Tea House Household
Taylor Clan Company
Tazanar Company
TB Raiders Company
TDV Brewers Guild Company
Teallaigh cailín Company
Team Apathy Company
Team Broken Company
team dai-gurren Company
Team Flaads Company
Team Roleplay Household
Tempest Company
Templars Company
Templars Of Steel Household
Temple of Bill Household
Temple of Dusk Company
Temple of steel Company
Temple Of The Kitsune Household
Temple of the Vanguard Company
Tendragon Household
Teque Draconum Household
Tester Household
testy Company
The A Team Household
The Adventure League of Terra De Votum Household
The Alchemical Alliance Household
The Allied Tea House Household
The Angelic Mafia Household
The Archaic Rebellion Household
The Argonauts (The Crew of the Argo) Company
The Army of The Veil Household
The Arrows Company
The Association of Otaku Household
The Avatar Alliance Household
The Band of the Hammer Company
The Bards and Nobels Household
The Black Diamond Thieves Guild Household
The Black Hand Company
The Black Hand Household
The Black Hand Household
The Black Hand Household
The Black Nights Assasins of Centerpoint Household
The Blackheart Clan Company
The Blades of The Sith Company
The Bloodtide Rose Household
The Boarding Party Household
The Bodice Brigade Household
The Book Wyrms of Amtgard Household
The Boxcutter Kids Household
The Broken Household
The Brotherhood Company
The Brotherhood of Fenrir Company
The Brotherhood of Kaos Company
The Bumbling Bards Household
The Bunch Order Company
The Carnival Company
the chaos legacy Company
The Chimes of Chaos Company
The Church of Steeeeeve Household
The Church of the High Cross Household
The Cimbri Company
The Companions of Vanaheimr Company
The Consilium Household
The Consortium of the Wicked Household
The Council Company
The Council of Ambassadors to the Order of Disorder Household
The Council Of XIII Household
The Court of Roses Household
The Crab Household Household
The Crystal Bastion Household
The Cult Household
The Cult of the Third Hand Household
The Cusp Of Power Company
The Dark Templars Company
The Devil's Own Company
The Dirty Pirate hookers Company
The Discordians Company
The Divine Order of The Holy Tempest Company
The Draconian Order Company
The Drunken Dragon Household
The Drunkerds Company
The EastWind Misfits Household
The Eerants of K.I.T. Household
The Fairy's Sorrow Household
The Falcon Guard Company
The Firestrike Clan Company
The Flaming Dragons Cooks Guild Household
The Forsaken Ones Company
The Four Winds Household
The Gate Keepers Company
The Goblin Workshop Household
The Gonzali Household
The Goon Squad Household
The Greatwood Circle Household
The Grey Company
The Grey Wardens Company
The Guard Company
The Guild of Dirty Minded Archers Household
The Harbingers Company
The Heralds of Amtgard Household
The Heralds Of Ragnarok Company
the Heralds of Ragnarok Household
The Herd Household
The High Order of Lamplighters Household
The Horsemen Company
The House Deathbrand Household
The House of Bad Decisions Household
the house of Draconis Company
The House of Gir Household
The House of the Ancient Ways Household
The House of the Crimson Moon Household
The House of the Dragon Lotus Household
The House of the Setting Moon Household
The House of the Shadowed Moon Company
The Huns Company
The Hussars Company
The Immortals Company
The Infidels Household
The Jedi Order of Winters Edge Household
The Jotnar Household
The killer fish Company
The Kinsmen Company
The Knight Owls Company
The Kondar Society Company
The Lantern Corps Household
The League of Extrodinary Fluffy Men Household
The Legion Company
The Legion Of the Black Cross Company
The Lions Guard Company
The Listeners Household
The Lollipop Guild Household
The Lost Boys Household
The Mages Guild Household
The Magi Nation Household
The Mar Clan Company
The Marchwardens Household
The Masks Company
The Moonlit Seethe Household
The Morningstar Household
The Myrmidons Company
The Nameless Ones Company
The Night Watch Company
The Nine Blades Caravaniers\' Guild Household
The Nobodies Company
The Northern Tribe of Fur and Fang Household
The Northern Wardens Household
The Northwood Family Household
The old Wilds Household
The Orchard Household
The Order Of Disorder Company
The Order of the Blue Hand Household
The Order of the Broken Gard Company
The Order of the Chromatic Penguin Household
The Order of the Crimson Lance Household
The Order of the Dragon Company
The Order of The Gauntlet Household
The Order of THe Granite City Templars Company
The Order of the Impartial Household
The Order of the Moon Eternal Company
The Order of the Moon Eternal Company
The Order of the Moon Eternal (TOME) Company
The Order of the Radiant Household
The Order of The Redhill Household
The Order of the Undying Shadow Company
The Order of the White Light Household
The Owlbears Company
The Pack Company
The Pack Household
The Planeteers Household
The Portstormers Household
The Power Company Company
The Reapers Company
The Reapers Company
The Rebel S Household
The Renegades Household
The Revolting Household
The Right Hand Household
The Righteous Few Company
The Roses Company
The Row Company
The Royal Guard Company
The Sacred Order of the Righteous Brotherhood of the Chosen, Holy Warriors of BoB the Unforgiving Company
The Salty Queers Brigade Household
The Scarlett Brotherhood Household
The Sept of the River-Walkers Household
The Seven Deadly Sins Company
The Shadow Wolves Household
The Shadow Wolves Mercenaries Company
The Shadowfangs Company
The Shinobo Clan of Shadows in Yoru Household
The Shirtless Assasins Household
The Silver Fang Company
The Silver Scale Household
The Silver Snow Pack Household
The Sins Household
The sisterhood of the savage Sirens Household
The Sith Order Company
The Smiths of Howling Plains Household
The Smiths' Bank Household
The Sons of Gothika Household
The Soulless Household
The Speakers Household
The Spetsnaz Household
The Spoonies Household
The Stone Wolves Adventure Company Company
The Stonecutters Household
The Tea Party Household
The Third Legion Company
The Thirsty Warg Inn Household
The Tokwan Vaunt Household
The True Children of Mar Household
The Ulves Household
The Undying Household
The Valkyries Company
The Village Hidden in the Smoke Household
The Wildcat's Claw Company
The Wilds Household
The Wildwood Household
The Winterborn Company
The Wolf's Den Household
The WolfPack Household
The Wrong Company Company
The Wrong Company TWC Company
The Wulfstan Stadholdership Household
The Xth Legion Company
The ZEN Company
This Post Household
THOR Company
Those Who Dwell Within Company
Thousand Sons Company
thrice Household
Thronnos Rokke Clan Household
Thronnos Rokke Clan Company
Thug Household
Thunder Kittens(House) Company
ThunderCats Household
Tiger Clan Company
Tiger Clan Company
Tiger Clan - North Company
Tiger Clan - South Company
Tiger Clan North Company
Tik Ticketers Household
Timber Wolves Company
Timete Aranei Household
Tiocfaidh Arla Company
Tir na nOg Company
Titans of Yin Yang Household
Toemunchers Tribe Household
TOWER Company
Toy Soldiers Company
TPK Company
Traginoire, House Household
Trans of Amtgard Household
Treehouse Defenders Household
Triads Company
Tribe Blood Raven Company
Tribe of Dragonclaw Household
Tribe of the Wild Blood Company
Tribe Skullriders of the Saracens Company
Tribe Subtle Paradox Company
Troyans Company
True Brew Company
True-Silver Company
Tudors Company
Tuek Household
Tundra Wolves Company
Twilight Order Company
Twin Daggers Company
Twin Fields Company
Tzhazhgath urwa k'a thkurra kazka Company
Ulfr Company
Umbra Angelis Company
Umbrella Company
Undecided Company
Union Company
Unit Company
United Reeves League Household
Unseen Hand Company
Ursa Alliance Company
Ursa Alliance Company
Ursa Alliance Company
Ursa Alliance Company
UwU Tang Clan Household
Vaengur Aettbalkur Household
Valkyrie Household
Valyr Company
Vangard Company
Vanguard Company
vanguard of the fallen Household
Vanir Household
Varangian Guard Company
Vastal Company
Vengars Vanguard Household
Venomguard Company
Veritas Company
Verlorn Company
Vermillion Corp Company
Vermillion Corp (Reformed) Company
Victorious Secret Household
victus mortus pisces pisces Company
Viking Camp! Company
Vinland Norsemen Company
Violet Light Corps Household
Vishnu\'s Elbow Household
Vision Company
Vodacci Company
von Banana Household
Voodoo Confederacy Company
Voodoo Confederacy (House) Company
Wakagashira Company
Wandering Blades Company
Wandering Soul Company
Wandering Unicorns Company
War Dragons Company
War Fighters Company
Wardancers Company
Wardancers Company
wardens Company
Wardens of Shadow's Light Company
Wardens of the Pillar Company
Wardens of Wyvernwatch Company
Warder Wenches Company
Warhounds Company
Warpath Company
Warriors Of Freya Household
Warriors of the Ancient Ways Company
Warriors of the Pie Company
Warriors of the Skuare Table Company
Warriors Of The Three Suns Company
Warriors of the Trident Household
Warspite Company
Watch Tower Household
Watchers of the Abyss Household
Watchtower Of Magi Household
Watchtower Templars Company
Waywatchers Household
We Hate Cody Brigade Household
weapons of mass destruction Company
Wednesday Warriors Household
Weeping Skull, House of the Company
Wenches Guild Company
WEnches Guild 2 Company
Wendy and The Lost Boys Household
Wetlands Scouting Legion Household
WGW Household
Wheel Company
White Bear Commissary Household
White Boar Company
White Horse Consortium Company
White Horse Fighting Company Company
White Horse, Household Household
White Lotus Company
White Tiger Company Company
Whitetree Company
Wicked Celtic Warrior Women Company
Wicked Clownz Household Company
Wifey Scouts Household
Wild Hunt Company
Wild Ones Household
Wildlings Household
Windmoorian Guard Household
Windswords Company
Wings of the Dawn Company
Winosaurs Company
Winterbaum Household
Witchbane Household
Woden's Eye Household
Wolf Company
Wolf Gang Company
Wolf Pack Company
Wolf Pack Clan Company
Wolf Riders Household
Wolf Riders Clan Household
Wolf's Head Tavern Household
Wolf's Run Company
Wolfcaller Clan Household
Wolffe Pack Household
Wolfpack Company
Wolves Den House Company
Wolves of Cernunnos Company
Wolves of Malice Company
Wolves of Malice Company
Wolves of Morrigan Company
Wolves of Noctis Company
Wolves of Taranis Household
Wolves of Valor Company
Woodwalke House Household
Wu Tang Household
Wu Xing Guard Company
Wu Xing Temple Company
Wurmwood Slayer\'s Guild Company
Wyld Hunt Household
Wyld Stallyns Household
Xar'zinth Guy'ya Company
XOl Household
XXII Legion Household
Yarnies Household
Yellin Mellons Household
Yingling Company
Young Justice Company
Zephyr, Crew of the Household
ZERO Company
Zero Ducks Household
Zilch, House Of Household
Zodiac Company
Zodiac Primals Company


Class Credits Level
Anti-Paladin 0 0
Archer 11 1
Assassin 0 0
Barbarian 0 0
Bard 0 0
Color 2 1
Druid 0 0
Healer 0 0
Monk 0 0
Monster 0 0
Paladin 0 0
Peasant 0 0
Reeve 0 0
Scout 0 0
Warrior 0 0
Wizard 0 0


Note Description Date


Award Rank Date Given By Given At Note Entered By
Order of the Smith 1 2020-02-08 Anomaly Stratic The Kingdom of Winters Edge Clover


Award Rank Date Given By Given At Note Entered By