Pegasus Valley


Pegasus Valley is Dragonspine's oldest chapter. Founded as a Barony in 1993, For more information see our website at

Current monarch: Balder


Saturday at 12:30pm - Taylor Park at the Northeast corner of Indian School and Pennsylvania.

Park Days

When Time Purpose Location
Every Saturday 12:00 PM Regular Park Day


Event Next Date
ABQ Comic Con
ABQ Comic Expo
ABQ Highland Games
ABQ Ren Faire
Albuquerque Comic Con
Jan. 9, 2015
Fall-Winter Coronation
Fall-Winter Reign Coronation
Fall-Winter Reign Crown Qualifications
Fall-Winter Reign Midreign
Dec. 13, 2014
Fall-Winter Reign Relic Quest
Fall-Winter Reign Warmaster
Fall-Winter Reign Weaponmaster
Sante Fe Ren Faire
Spring-Summer Reign Collegium
Spring-Summer Reign Coronation
Mar. 7, 2015
Spring-Summer Reign Crown Qualifications
Spring-Summer Reign Dragonmaster
Spring-Summer Reign Midreign
Spring-Summer Reign Relic Quest
Spring-Summer Reign Warmaster
Spring-Summer Reign Weaponmaster
Summer-Fall Coronation
Sep. 6, 2014


Tournament Event Date