We are a Barony sponsored by the Kingdom of Westmarch. We meet at Howe Park Saturdays 11 am until 4 pm.
Monarch Arilynn
Regent Eldrin Dawnrider
Prime Minister Bors Silvertusk
Champion Artemis
GMR Silent Judge


Currently meeting at Howe Park in Sacramento, CA. The park is located between Howe Ave. and Bell Off Cottage.

Park Days

When Time Purpose Map Location
Every Tuesday 5:30 PM Fighter Practice Alternate Park Sacramento, CA 95825, USA
Every Wednesday 6:00 PM A&S Day Alternate Park 1250 Howe Ave
Every Saturday 11:00 AM Regular Park Day Alternate Park 2201 Cottage Way, Sacramento, CA 95825, USA


Event Next Date
Santa Parade
Dec. 13, 2014
Santa Parade
Dec. 9, 2017
May. 23, 2014
Mistyvale Yard Sale Demo
October Fairy Tale Town Demo
Oct. 20, 2017
Pot luck
Nov. 16, 2013
Spring Midreign
Summer Collegium
Summer Coronation
May. 10, 2014
Summer Midreign
Aug. 10, 2014
Summer Midreign
Summer Relic Quest
Summer Weaponmaster
Winter Collegium
Winter Coronation
Winter Crown Qualifications
Winter Midreign
Feb. 7, 2015
Winter Relic Quest
Winter Weaponmaster
Feb. 7, 2015
ARC Beaver Week 2016
Apr. 12, 2016
ARC Gamer's Day
Nov. 2, 2018
Conquest Demo
Apr. 7, 2017
Demo-Pagan Pride 2018
Egg O\'Rama
Mar. 31, 2018
Fairy Tale Town Mid-Summer\'s Ice Cream Demo
Jun. 23, 2018
Fairy Tale Town Mid-Summer\'s Ice Cream Demo
Jun. 24, 2017
Fighter Practice
Dec. 4, 2018
Fighter Practice
Sep. 20, 2018
Food Fight Volunteer
Game of Thrones Video
Jun. 3, 2018
Pan Gaia
Oct. 21, 2017
Pan Gaia
Jun. 9, 2018
Pan Gaia
Winter Dragonmaster


Tournament Event Date