Seven Sleeping Dragons


The Barony of the Seven Sleeping Dragons meets Saturdays from 1-4PM. Our current meeting place is at Santa Rosa Park, just off Highway 1 in San Luis Obispo, CA. For more information, visit or contact one of our officers.

Park Days

When Time Purpose Location
Every Saturday 1:00 PM Regular Park Day


Event Next Date
Feast Of Mars
Feast Of Mars
Oct. 26, 2014
Food Fight
Sep. 1, 2016
Dec. 24, 2016
Summer Collegium
Summer Coronation
Summer Crown Qualifications
Summer Dragonmaster
Summer Midreign
Summer Relic Quest
Summer Weaponmaster
Sword Knight Boot Camp
Winter Collegium
Winter Coronation
Winter Crown Qualifications
Winter Dragonmaster
Winter Midreign
Winter Relic Quest
Winter Weaponmaster


Tournament Event Date