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Amtgard Olympiad 2017 Results

Posted by on May 20, 2017 in News

Hear ye, hear ye! Olympiad XVII: Stormageddon is complete, and I come bearing announcements. Your Cultural Olympian for 2017 is Squire Revell Armstrong! This year’s Grand Olympian, who also takes the War Trials, is Sir Brennon! We are also pleased to bring you news of Olympiad 2018. We were pleased to receive three highly competitive bids, and thank all three teams for braving our first bid process. After much debate, we have determined that Olympiad 2018 will be held in… POLARIS! Stay tuned to Amtgard Olympiad on Facebook for more information from Jory and the team. War Trial Results 1st: Brennon Viridian, Emerald Hills 2nd: JLee, Wetlands 3rd: Raven the Swift, Rising Winds 4th: Tie: Tisco, Tal Dagore / Alby, Emerald Hills Cultural Trial Results 1st: Revell Armstrong, Polaris 2nd: Jocelyn Achard, Desert Winds 3rd: Brennon Viridian, Emerald Hills 4th: Loric al’Denar, Winter’s Edge Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to all participants for your understanding as we worked around the weather. Dry off and get ready for...

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