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Knightings: Alby (EH), Voshe (EH), Khazon (NW), Marcus (CG), Shiva (CG), Exar (RW)

Posted by on Oct 22, 2014 in News

Congratulations to Grand Duke Sir Alby Kzan who was elevated to the peerage for the second time as a Knight of the Flame at World Banner Wars. Watch a video of this knighting. Congratulations to Sir Voshe who was elevated to Knight of the Serpent for his craftsmanship at Wold Banner Wars. Congratulations to Sir Khazon of Neverwinter Elevated to Knight of the Flame for his service to the Principality of Winters Edge. Watch a video of his Knighting. Congratulations to both Sir Marcus Argus Bjornson and Sir Shiva of Crystal Groves, each elevated to Knight of the Crown for their excellent service in office. Congratulation’s to Sir Exar Sadow of the Rising Winds elevated to Knight of the Crown in a ninja ceremony at Keep on the...

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2014 Amtgard Food Fight Winner: Westmarch!

Posted by on Oct 1, 2014 in News

AND THE WINNER OF THE 2014 AMTGARD FOOD FIGHT KINGDOM CHALLENGE IS: The Kingdom of Westmarch with their combined tally of more than $71,000. Their rep took an innovative approach and truly embraced the concept of Amtgard Food Fight by partnering with local food charities to identify their needs and then went out soliciting for support to address those needs. The result was not only record-breaking, it was also very educational. KatnChains has already offered to provide some details on lessons learned and share her secrets. When Amtgard Food Fight started in 2009, we weren’t sure how far it would go. Sure, we shared “what ifs”. A few of us even dared to dream about what the future would look like. I’m not sure any of us thought it would be like this. 2014 proved to be another, in a long line, of amazing years. Against the odds and expectations, Amtgard managed to continue the trend of DOUBLING the previous year’s success. This year is especially sweet. Not only did Amtgard manage to break the $100K mark, it also reached the goal of 100% Kingdom participation. In 2012 we came close, however it took a last minute donation from an unaffiliated member to make a donation on behalf of a Kingdom to make it happen. This year we saw Food Fight embraced by EVERY SINGLE KINGDOM. We also saw at least half of the Kingdoms exceed their previous year’s success. Words can’t express how appreciative the Food Fight executive team is for everyone’s help and support. Hopefully everyone is able to take a moment and appreciate the level of impact that we had in our local communities. There’s no doubt that we have been successful in our goal of Motivation, Education and Donation! Please savor this moment and make it a point to thank the many Kingdom and local reps, as well as the countless other volunteers and sponsors that made this year so successful. Congratulations to the Mighty Kingdom of Westmarch (our first repeat winner) and thank you to everyone of you that made this year, and the previous six years so successful. GoldCrest Amtgard Food Fight Executive Committee – MOTIVATION, EDUCATION, DONATION –...

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