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Foam Combat Training Videos

Posted by on Nov 20, 2013 in News

While there are a lot of things to do in amtgard that do not involve sword fighting, you can not deny that that it is a fun element. Lately there have been a number of resources popping up to help those who are interested improve their skills with a stick. I have gathered a few of the best ones here, to help you get started. A good foundation is vital to any sport or martial art, and combat within amtgard is no different. Warlord Brett has released a series of videos titled Warlord Weekly which go over many of the most basic shots before moving on to more advanced concepts such as how to link them all together. They are hosted on Warlord Sports, which also displays similar foundation videos from Sir Brennon and Sir Spyn. These videos can be seen here and are a really good place to start, and to return to regularly. For those who prefer to the written (and illustrated) word, Glen produces Lefty Combat. While, obviously, it is focused on the left handed fighter, a right handed fighter can use most of those tips to help defeat that pesky lefty that keeps killing them. If you are willing to travel a bit to advance your skill, keep your ears open for where Sword Knight Boot Camp is going to travel next, as the location of this event changes every year, but the content does not. The most skilled fighters gather to share tips and tricks with fighters of all skill levels from all across the country. If you are sadly unable to attend, or need something to tide you over until then, many attendants video taped some of the classes. I put together all of the ones I could find into a playlist, though the wind makes a few difficult to understand. Any skilled fighter in your area should be willing to help you if you ask them specific questions, such as how to block the shot they just threw or what to do against that guy across from you in the ditch. Happy...

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New Parks: Brigands Pass, Midgar, Falcon’s Rest

Posted by on Nov 10, 2013 in News

Contracts for three new groups have been submitted, please join me in welcoming the soon to be Freehold Shires of Brigands Pass, in Casa Grande, AZ; Midgar, in Williamport, PA; and Falcon’s Rest in Hamilton, Ontario. May they have fun battlegames!

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