Combat Tutorials

Amtgard combat if fast-paced, intense, and a whole lot of fun. Whether you want to achieve victory on the tournament field or win more in battles, wars and quests, you’re going to need some practice! Like all good games, the basics of Amtgard combat are easy to understand but can take years to master. The best way to learn about Amtgard combat is to get out on the field and do it, but here are some tutorials put together by Amtgarders that can give you a head start.


Saber Grip

Modified Saber Grip

Hammer Grip


On Foot

Off Foot


Range Guard

Lazy Guard

Denial Guard

Bait Guard

Basic Shots

Straight Stab


Hook Stab


Flat Cross

Same Side Shoulder Wrap

Hip Scoop

Flat Wrap

Body Mechanics

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