Classes, Magic and Monsters

Basic melee combat is a big part of Amtgard, but it isn’t all you can do. Amtgard’s full ruleset includes elements common to LARPs, and it is what separates us from many other boffer combat games.


Amtgard includes 12 standard player classes (and two more special case classes). Warriors, Wizards, Archers and Druids are some examples. Much like with tabletop RPGs, classes grant the player various abilities to use during battle games and quests.

Your class determines the weapons and armor available to you, the number of lives you have in a standard battle game, and what abilities you gain as you level.

Each class’s abilities are spread through six levels. These levels are gained by earning credits, which are given to battle game participants on a weekly basis. Classes and levels are tied to the player, so you can earn credits in any and all classes you like. Then you pick a single class to play on a per-game basis.

Some games are also played using what’s called militia rules. Militia rules don’t use classes or magic, but they do allow for armor and projectiles.

Warriors and barbarians fighting each other


While all classes gain special abilities of some sort or another, only Bards, Druids, Healers, and Wizards gain access to magic. These clases, collectively referred to as magic-users, provide fun, challenging tactical opportunities and their spells can turn the tide of battle.

Some spells can be used verbally at range, or require the magic-user to hit the target with a spell ball. Others are cast on players or equipment directly and heal, protect, or increase the capabilities of your allies. Finally, some spells are cast in an area and let you do things like put up a wall to block projectiles and other players.

Magic-users gain points to spend on magic spells that are available to their class. As you level as a magic-user you will unlock more powerful spells to spend your points on. You can also spend magic points to buy weapons, allowing you to enter the game ready to do battle up close or far away.


Two custom “Angel” monsters in a quest

What good is a quest without some monsters to fight?! From the lowly goblin to the mighty kraken, monsters serve as the opposing force for players to fight in most quests and special scenarios.

Amtgard currently has published rules for over 250 monsters spread across the Dor Un Avathar and five expansion books. Occassionally a game master will create a new monster for a specific game or quest, too.

Monsters in Amtgard work a lot like classes. They have levels, and each monster has special powers tied to those levels. Often these are much different powers than what is available to players. A player can unlock those levels by taking credits in the Monster class, which they can earn weekly in the same way they earn regular class credits.

Since Monsters are recruited from the group on a per-game basis, you’ll have plenty of oportunity to play as a monster, as well as against them.

Want More?

Complete rules for Classes, Magic, and Monsters can be found in the Rules of Play and the Dor Un Avathar. These books (and all of the expansions) can be downloaded from the Documents page.