Arts & Sciences

What are Arts and Sciences?

The Arts and Sciences (A&S) are the skills, crafts, and trades Amtgard members participate in. These crafts range from armor and weapon building, to garbing, the fine arts, and even the occasional castle or siege engine construction project. A&S is also referred to as “culturals”.

Hand stitching some garb

The Arts and Sciences are one of the cornerstones of Amtgard’s non-combat activities. A&S isn’t just something some members do on the side; it’s integral to Amtgard society. Running for Chapter or Kingdom office requires successfully qualifying in a Crown Qualifications tournament, which includes an Arts & Sciences competition.

Many members first learned their skills after having started Amtgard. Much like with Amtgard fighters, there is a strong tradition of teaching among Amtgard’s experts in the arts and sciences. If there’s is a craft you want to learn it won’t be hard to find someone willing to teach you!

Arts & Sciences Tournaments

A Chapter bringing out their latest for a Dragonmaster tournament

Members have plenty of opportunities to show off their work by competing in A&S tournaments. A Dragonmaster tournament is held every 6 months at each Chapter during the group’s Mid-Reign events, and also at each Kingdom. In addition, Olympiad is an annual inter-Kingdom tournament that routinely draws the best Amtgard has to offer.

A&S tournaments are typically judged on a point scale by a panel, with results being based on overall scores, and possibly on scores within a category. Some common categories include armoring, cooking, garbing, bardic performances, and writing.