Knightings: Alby (EH), Voshe (EH), Khazon (NW), Marcus (CG), Shiva (CG), Exar (RW)

Posted by on Oct 22, 2014 in News

Congratulations to Grand Duke Sir Alby Kzan who was elevated to the peerage for the second time as a Knight of the Flame at World Banner Wars. Watch a video of this knighting.

Congratulations to Sir Voshe who was elevated to Knight of the Serpent for his craftsmanship at Wold Banner Wars.

Congratulations to Sir Khazon of Neverwinter Elevated to Knight of the Flame for his service to the Principality of Winters Edge. Watch a video of his Knighting.

Congratulations to both Sir Marcus Argus Bjornson and Sir Shiva of Crystal Groves, each elevated to Knight of the Crown for their excellent service in office.

Congratulation’s to Sir Exar Sadow of the Rising Winds elevated to Knight of the Crown in a ninja ceremony at Keep on the Borderlands.