Food Fight Results: $54,704.07

Posted by on Oct 1, 2013 in News

The results from the 2013 Amtgard Food Fight have been posted by Sir Goldcrest:

Congratulations to the Mighty Kingdom of Westmarch and to all of Amtgard for another successful year. Since Amtgard Food Fight began in 2009, we have managed to set unbelievable milestones each year. This year is no different. Words can not express how proud I am to be associated with Amtgard and the Amtgard Food Fight right now. As in the past, we managed to raise more money/food/volunteerism in this one year than all previous years combined. We have also managed to expand our mission of Education, Donation and Motivation to areas outside of the game. Food Drives, Yard Sales, Texting Campaigns, Comic Book and Radio advertising and many more efforts were all used to spread awareness of the game and gather support for the community. As a result we raised over $500,000 in estimated impact across the game and our surrounding communities. We have done this as a team, with many Kingdoms often working together and even donating to each other’s efforts in the name of Charity and Goodwill. There’s no way that we would have imagined the Food Fight being so successful so quickly.

There are a number of people that deserve to be recognized for their hard work. I ask that everyone take a moment to congratulate them on their success. If additional recognition is warranted, well…I trust in our elected leadership to make that happen as appropriate.

First off, the Kingdom Reps…
Burning Lands-Artemis
Celestial Kingdom-Blackwolf Wyngarde
Golden Plains-Renity
Iron Mountains-Little Bird
Goldenvale-Tokwan Vaunt
Dragonspine-Lila von Weiss
Wetlands-Kittah Rahbet
Neverwinter-Cody Blakstar
Rising Winds-Lady Jet
Crystal Groves-Pheonix
Desert Winds-Nidalap
Tal Dagore-Gfish
Northern Lights-Dolphina
Westmarch-Lady T

There were also a couple of notables that I can not forget to thank: Poobah (Tal Dagore) and Katnchains (Westmarch)

I would also like to thank Warlord Sports for jumping in with both their sponsorship and competitions. We will post the results of this effort as soon as final numbers are available. This was an exciting venture and one I hope we can continue in the future.

The feast team from GotC led by Francis (Dragonspine) and Dame Azrael-Jade (Dragonspine) for volunteering to donate this year’s banner.

And obviously the Executive Committee
Randall, Grix, Sylvanista and Iago

So many people have made the Amtgard Food Fight a success. Thank you all for your continued support. We look forward to doing it all over again next year.

Again, congratulations to the Mighty Kingdom of Westmarch and to all of Amtgard for another successful year.

Final Results for 2013: $54,704.07