Upcoming Events

Gathering of the Clans XXXV: World of Darkness

Amtgard’s oldest event

July 19-23 Mayhill, New Mexico

Circles of Fate 2017

Hosted by Western Winds

July 27-30 Spruce Grove, Alberta CA

Wolf’s Cry 6: Cry Hardest

Northreach’s premier summer event

July 28-30 Palmer, Alaska

Battle of the Dens 21: Ragnarok

Viking themed games and fun

August 4-7 Wahnapitae, Ontario CA

Gathering of Shadows 19

North Haven’s yearly event

August 11-13 Kirkland, Illinois

Omens III, an OGN Invasion

A dedicated Canadian fighting event with visit from One Grind Nation

August 17-20 Chase, British Columbia CA

Emperor Harold’s Mid Reign

Madness on Planet Mongo

September 1-3 Colmesneil, Texas

FURY 2017: North of the Wall

Battle against ice bears, white walkers, and wildlings

September 1-4 Charlton, Massachusetts

Pacwar 2017

Beyond the Depths

September 7-10 Salem, Oregon

Keep on the Borderlands 8: Eberron

Eberron’s Last War at Amtgard’s largest event

September 20-24 Windsor, Illinois

World Banner Wars 2017

Team tournaments

October 12-15 Garrison, Texas

Crystalline Chronicles

Winter’s Edge Fall Coronation

October 13-15 Columbia, Tennessee

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