Upcoming Events

War of the Darkshore XX: Labyrinth

Based on the 1986 Jim Henson movie, “Labyrinth”

May 4-7 King City, California

Known World War II: Olympiad

The first anniversary of Known World War and the Amtgard Olympiad

May 16-21 Smithville, Missouri

M.A.M.E. 2017

Midreign event for the Kingdom of Polaris

May 26-28 Mankato, Minnesota

Great Eastern 19: The Wizard of Goldenvale

Lions and Tigers and Bears, OH MY!

May 26-29 Charlton, Massachusetts

The Trials of Valhalla

Three days of roleplay, adventure, quests, and tournaments

June 1-3 Homer, Alaska

Great Adventurer’s Challenge 2017

Game of Thrones themed event

July 7-9 Sparta, Wisconsin

Gathering of the Clans XXXV

Amtgard’s oldest event

July 19-23 Mayhill, New Mexico

Circles of Fate 2017

Hosted by Western Winds

July 27-30 Spruce Grove, AB, Canada

Omens III, an OGN Invasion

A dedicated Canadian fighting event with visit from One Grind Nation

August 17-20 Chase, BC, Canada

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