Type Name Owner Members
Company () Elias Dominick 1
Household (Gnu)MU Gabriella Mariposa 1
Company A.R.F. Shadydeal 2
Company Alliance Sir Maurice Oathbreaker 1
Household Amalgam Quicksilver Lightfoot Nav Nox 2
Household Amazons Annabellee 8
Company Ambiguous Brownie Bardelf 3
Household Amtgard Armorers Guild Glenalth 2
Company Annihalus Garion 1
Company Argentis Draconis Drake 9
Household Bad Medicine Krothus Brokenhammer 1
Company Balladeers Whistler 4
Company Bear Clan Wolfen 1
Company Bellator Adamas Randall Andalsa Egilsson 1
Household Black Lotus Monastery Alentris 2
Household Blackhand Uncivil Engineering Firm Glenalth 3
Company blades of thunder Kitty Kitty Meow Meow 1
Household Blood Wolves Ananias Moirae 1
Household Bloodmoon's Tear Venku Stormkin 2
Company Brethren of the Cup & Coin Pollux Lightchild Penitent 1
Company Brotherhood of Dark Tower Unknown 1
Company Builders Ryshad FireClaw Stroke 5
Household Children of Lugh Rellion Dayne 1
Household Church of PIE Itsari Tul 1
Household Church of the Apocalypse Alucard Draconis 2
Company Clan Berry Balder or Malak 1
Company Clan MacDougall Gabriella Mariposa 1
Household Clan Rimefrost Hodr Rimefrost 3
Household Clan Wolfrick Wolfrick 3
Household Clawgrindyr Baronet Squire StTar Reddawn Sapphyre 1
Company Cookie Monsters Krothus Brokenhammer 1
Company council of thirteen Lord Squire Vaughn Ulfgar 1
Household Council of Imaginary Ninja Marcil Woodsman 1
Household Crimson Wind Nightgazer of the Shadowholds 6
Company Crusaders of the Apocalypse Lobo 2
Company Dancing Silver Moon Kerghan Blackleaf 4
Household Darkbane Order Korgoth 2
Household Darkjester, Harlequin Serpentara 1
Household Darkjester, Shadowbell Annabellee 1
Company Davion Blood Heirs Balder Lance Stroke 1
Household Decum Evan Traginoire del Khahli Eru Iluvatar 2
Company Delete Glenalth 1
Company Delete Baronet Squire StTar Reddawn Sapphyre 1
Household delete maybe WAR 1
Household Demons of oblivian Anthros 1
Household Demons of oblivion Anthros 10
Household Den of Valor Aodhfin Dragonwalker 6
Company doggs of war Ambassador Crimson-Froggie 10
Company Dragon Blade Mercenaries Blackfire Moonshadow 12
Household Dreamweavers Itsari Tul 5
Household Dun Draoneach Glenalth 1
Household Dwarven Kingdom of Hammers Reign Theodoxus Thaxson 2
Company Faery Mafia Autumn Skywynter 2
Household Fenice Marcil Woodsman 8
Household Followers of the Tyedye Goddess Balder or Malak 2
Company Free Companies Graegos Tou Brosmiou 3
Household Free Range Butterflies Graegos Tou Brosmiou 4
Company Frostbrew Itsari Tul 2
Company Girl Couch Lady Page Rosalynn Ulfgar 1
Household Godstone Fair Sky Earalon 1
Company Golden Lions Lila von Weiss 6
Company Gordun Nightgazer of the Shadowholds 3
Company Green Dragons Polar Bear 1
Household Gryphter Alessecar Filindel 2
Household Guild of the Metal Spider Evan Traginoire del Khahli Eru Iluvatar 2
Company Harbingers Remus Marun 3
Company HOLM Annabellee 3
Household House Ansgar Joad Retjick 10
Household House End'Oh Knives 1
Household House Havaar Aramis of Oceana 2
Household House Highever Rellion Dayne 3
Household House O' Hare Evan Traginoire del Khahli Eru Iluvatar 2
Household House Odinsson Joad Retjick 3
Household House of Hyrule Krothus Brokenhammer 1
Company House of the Burning Blade Fluffy 3
Household House Raventhorne Rellion Dayne 1
Household House Saretah Moon Ryshad FireClaw Stroke 9
Household House Spectrum Fable 1
Household House Valefor Edelspeth 3
Household Illuminaughty Red Beard of Ravensholm 4
Household InterKingdom House of Pancakes Itsari Tul 1
Household Irish Legitimate Business Front Clio Ninetails 2
Household Ironwood, A Querna Tema based House Brother Du Mont the Bouyant 1
Company Jove's Fist Sky Earalon 1
Company Jqtnarbani Lord Squire Vaughn Ulfgar 1
Household La Star Blackfire Moonshadow 1
Household Lantern Corps. Kelevra NaNuWhoGod 1
Company Leg VII Fulminata Serac 2
Household Legacy Naga / Nagateth Darkjester 3
Household Linden's Brute Squad Clio Ninetails 2
Household Lionesse Alley Cat 3
Company Loka Honna Jericho Dawnrazor 17
Household MacDougall, House Gabriella Mariposa 1
Company MacGregor Bovine 1
Household Metalflight Glenalth 2
Household Ministers of Grace Clio Ninetails 6
Company Moonshadow Blackfire Moonshadow 4
Company Narthania Hawkthorn 7
Household Neverland Aodhfin Dragonwalker 11
Household Night Frights Thorin 1
Company Ninja No Ie Lord Squire Vaughn Ulfgar 1
Household Obsoleet Machog 1
Company Odinmadr Sid NaNuWhoGod 1
Company Order of the Broken Gard Falen Angelis 3
Company Order of the Clover Bevier Arcanum 2
Company Order of the Errant Raven A. Lightshadow nav'Nox of Clan Lovebites 3
Company Peregrine's Minstrels Isoud 7
Household Pre-Emptive Nautical Salvage Experts (PeNSE) Drizzit 10
Company Prowlers Sir Theolanthilis 1
Company PV DC JLA Ragnar Stark 4
Household Ranger Corp Tisana 1
Company Red Branch Goldshield of Neverguard 7
Company Sable Pride Clio Ninetails 1
Household Safe Space Westmarch Saul Dufresne 1
Company Saracens dark lotus tribe Lord Squire Vaughn Ulfgar 1
Company Saracens, Kingdom of Tal Dagore Krothus Brokenhammer 1
Company Saretah Moon Ryshad FireClaw Stroke 4
Household Scalpel and Broadsword Arch Duke Squire Chekers 1
Company Semigallian Foreign Legion Odvar Haraldsson 1
Company Shadow Moon Taneth K'lande 7
Household Shit, Son Anatole Stroke 1
Household Sineaters Anira Rose 1
Household Singollo, House of Sanyo McKinny 1
Household Skullbaker Zombiac 1
Company Sol Invictus Lord Squire Vaughn Ulfgar 1
Company Soul's Arrow Fluffy 4
Company Sphinx Tybaut Aurelius Cybil Tezra Jr. 1
Company Sterling Dogs Balbazack 8
Company Stix Mada Annabellee 8
Company Storm Ananias Moirae 2
Company Storm Riders Syngen 6
Company Stormcats (Pride of the Southwest) Hawkthorn 7
Company Swordy Boys Sky Earalon 1
Household The Alchemical Alliance Anthros 5
Company The Gate Keepers Tank 1
Company The Order of the Broken Gard Vash Starwind 1
Household The Shadow Wolves Tisana 1
Company The ZEN Whistler 9
Company Thousand Sons Blackfire Moonshadow 1
Household Timete Aranei Arthur 5
Company TOWER Bullshivik 1
Household Traginoire, House Evan Traginoire del Khahli Eru Iluvatar 3
Company Vanguard Stefan del Sala 1
Company Vision Bear 4
Company Wardancers Valdemar 12
Company wardens Raven A. Lightshadow nav'Nox of Clan Lovebites 5
Company Wardens of the Pillar Aodhfin Dragonwalker 8
Company Wheel Glenalth 18
Company Wolf Gang Mourning Wolf 4
Household Wolf Riders Clan Jericho Dawnrazor 12
Company Wolves of Cernunnos Kyran Goodblood 1
Company Wolves of Valor Aodhfin Dragonwalker 9
Household Woodwalke House Glenalth 2
Household Wu Tang Xion 1
Household Yellin Mellons Kueh 8
Company Young Justice Balder Lance Stroke 3