Type Name Owner Members
Company 0
Company PRIEST Bam Bam 1
Company Comet FireClaw 1
Household 28
Company Church of the Apocalypse - Reformed Essewyn 7
Company Niketa (HouseHold) Lord Sieto (BlackWulf) Niketa Esquire 2
Company !S!WCRTESTINPUT000000!E! 0
Company () Elias Dominick 1
Household (Defunct) The Guild of the Sacred Rose Syso 5
Household (Gnu)MU Kenyan MacDougall 28
Company . Cathan Durmar 1
Household 9th legion First cohorts of Rome and Guardians of the eagle our patron jupiter Umbrae Bellum 1
Company A&S Judges Guild Katheryne Kavanagh 3
Company A.J.C. 0
Company A.R.F. Shadydeal 2
Company Abenddaemmerung Asilin Kheldarson 6
Company Abyssal Lords Brude of Blood 2
Company Academy Cold War Nadir Isole 10
Company Accuris Armoury 0
Household Acolytes of Vera Xedram 7
Company Advent Shadows 0
Household Adventurers 7
Company Adventurers Vahl fjell 1
Company Aegis 0
Company Aegis Company 0
Company Aethyr 3
Household Agony Jugging Lord Taeshta De'Daharl 4
Company ahorsefordz 0
Household Albus Aduro, Wenches Guild Master Abigail Windsong 1
Company Allegiance of Brothers Delta the Wize 3
Company Alliance Count Sir Warlord Master Robin Magnus Gladium 11
Company Alpha Guard Jedi (Onibius) 7
Household Amalgam Juicy Kressh 43
Household Amazon Lady Dame Rose Wyngarde 1
Household Amazons 114
Company Ambiguous Brownie Bardelf 6
Household Amt-Guardians CeDar 4
Household Amtaku Aries 24
Household Amtgard Armorers Guild Shogun Akujin Takezu no Wakagashira 17
Company Amtgard Beer Snob Society Lord Squire Father Darby O'Malley 1
Company Amtgard Emergency Management Agency Baron Abbot Sir Katzu the Farquestor 9
Company Amtgard Fighter Corps Mercolium Dark Runner 3
Company Amtgard Historain's Guild 0
Household Amtvengers Daenen 4
Household Anbu Black Ops THAT DAMN DROW!!! 8
Company Ancient & Not So benevolent Cult of the Damned Don Fodder Devilboon 9
Household Anderson Clan 6
Company Andreas 0
Household Angeli Nocturna Drake Bloodblade 3
Household Angelus Mortis 24
Company Angron, House of Killjoy NightRogue 6
Company Angry Sky 16
Company Animals of Chaos Aliono 8
Company Annihalus Lady Lukretia 29
Company Annihalus 0
Company Annihalus Sir Lord Lucifer Tendragon 1
Company Annihalus Aphaydren 1
Company Annihalus Lord Big Mac 1
Company Annihalus Garion 1
Company Annihalus Skeeter Everhard 1
Company Annihilus 0
Company Annihilus 0
Company Annihilus 0
Company Annunaki Baron Myth Ferraeder Esquire 11
Company Anonymous Lord Spartin Spar 3
Company Anti Viktard Coalition Don Fodder Devilboon 1
Household Anvil of the Berserkers 3
Household Anyanka Armory 24
Company Apocalypse Lord Koga Van Pelt 4
Company Apotheosis Nox Vox Caedes 16
Household Arachnophobia 0
Household Arcadian forge Lord Latilic 3
Company Arcana Minerva the Mousy 1
Company Arcane Oaks Tigger deCat, of eye-bleeding pants. 3
Company Archa Kairo 2
Company Archaic 0
Household Archangels 18
Company Archon 14
Company Arclight Gabriel Viridian 7
Company Ares Silas Cain 3
Company Argent Aura Chopz 4
Household Argent Flame Sir Lady Kaylin Underhell / Lady Mom 29
Company Argent Moon 0
Company Argent Moon 2nd Rising Skye Eventide 8
Household Argent Wolf Baine Wolfheart 5
Company Argentis Draconis Drake 14
Company Ariste Cormac ap Tarkus Stormblade Grimwulff MacLeod 6
Household Arkain 8
Household Armageddon Corporation 0
Company Armatura 0
Company ARMS Anarchist 11
Company Army of Asgard 0
Household Asayrians Pahyum Sumac Asayri 9
Company Ascendant Sims 9
Company Ashlanders Idunn 1
Household Assan Calder 4
Company Assana Clan, The 9
Company Assasin's Brotherhood 0
Household Assassin's Guild Jaso Darteon Varrail 1
Household Astar's Rangers 8
Company Astute Lord Squire Father Darby O'Malley 2
Company Asura 14
Company Athena, House of Woman-at-Arms Sita Mahakali 7
Household Attempted Murder 12
Household Audible Pop (Punk) Lord Kavik WhiteScar 7
Household Auldrenthaka Studios Master Thrash, Master Assassin 2
Household Avalonia Britannica 0
Company Azurian Guard Esquire Lord Mezzemeir Oakheart 7
Company Baba Yaga 11
Company BaBraw Jangular 5
Household Bacon 10
Household Bad Medicine Masao Loublin 16
Company BaGaNaGaS Gator 10
Company Balladeers Whistler 4
Household Balliamo Maera Halvorsdottir 20
Company Band of Chimeras Mariam McKee 1
Company Band of the Red Hand 20
Household Banded Blade Lord Squire Hunteil 17
Household Banded Brothers Baronet Lord Squire Haze Shadowmoon Von Hellscream, Esq, Defender of CG 6
Company Bangarang Slick Johnny 3
Company Barbarian Horde 0
Company Bardic Blues Donnovan Felix Sunrider 14
Household Bards and Nobels 4
Company Bash Bros Ecthelion 10
Company Battlecraze, House Kether Twinwolf, Esquire 13
Company BCQG (Bitter Coast Quest Guild) 0
Company Bear Clan Kioto Biscut 4
Company Bearclaw Thunder 19
Company Beast From the East 10
Company Bellator Adamas Cullum Eyrewolf Valinor 21
Company Ber Serkr Cheeto 6
Company Beserkers For Life Morpheus 4
Company Beserks 0
Company BFDs Lord Squire Master George 3
Household Bikja Hamar Ebarra Emberclaw 4
Household Bilgewater Mutineers 4
Company Birds of Prey 8
Household BJORN 5
Household Black and Blue Hearts Twitticus 6
Company Black and White Angiel D'Winter 21
Company Black Angel Mercenary Corps Keldry Oakenheart 15
Company Black Company 68
Household Black Company Sir Jupiter 4
Company Black Cross Pirates Sophiya 15
Company Black Crusade 0
Company Black Dagger Brother Hood Venom 4
Company Black Dragon Knights 0
Company Black Fox Tribe Zios 1
Company Black Hand Meya Galanodel 6
Company Black Hand Sovereign Guard Dalamar 12
Company Black Hands RedWolf Deyame 3
Company Black Hart 14
Company Black Heaven Kottonmouth Killer 26
Company Black Legion of Caesar Mars the Mad 9
Company Black Lions 9
Household Black Lotus Monastery Crispin Silvermane 31
Company Black Mamba Corp. 0
Company Black Nights 3
Company Black Nights Lady Women at Arms Yum yum, the Generous 2
Company Black Oaks Matthew Mac Ian 6
Company Black Regent Terak Tokara VI 6
Company Black Rose Medic 5
Company Black Seraphs 10
Company Black Sheep Squadron 0
Company Black Spiral Fugit 6
Company Black Talons 0
Company Black Templars Turtle 5
Company Black Twilight Kuma 7
Company Black Wald Wardens Zayl Listav Bloodwynd 10
Company Black Watch Baron Karl von Rot Wyrm 21
Company Black Widow Company 0
Company Blackguard 0
Household Blackhand Uncivil Engineering Firm William Blackhand-Darkjester 6
Company Blackharts Dagon Goblin 3
Household BlackIce Warschaw Darkjester 6
Company Blacksheep Household Squire Rook Silverstar-Blacksheep 2
Household blackwatch Methius 3
Company Blackwood Gypsy Camp Rayne Sixpence 10
Company Blades of chaos 0
Company blades of thunder Bucky 2
Company Blakstar Kerrick 8
Household Blanket Bunnies 14
Household Bleeding Rainbow Loremaster Melisandra Moirai 1
Company Blood Chaos, House Lady Baronet Cira Chaosdragon 3
Company Blood Company 8
Company Blood Covenant 0
Company Blood Guard 0
Company Blood Irises Man-at-Arms Talos 3
Company Blood Lords Tyr Anisasi out of Kodiak by Barbarosa 1
Company Blood Ravens Malikai Van Dragomir 1
Company blood tallon Galdadesh 1
Household Blood Wolves 18
Household Blooddrinkers 6
Company BloodMoon Viper 2
Company BloodMoon 22
Household Bloodmoon's Tear 3
Household Bloodmoore Family Kota K. Bloodmoore 1
Household Bloodraven Mistery 1
Household Bloodstone Thunder Matthias O\'Lachon 12
Company Blue Crane Güest 4
Company Blue Falcons 11
Company Blue Hood Marque Random 37
Company Blue Lanterns Risu Tora 1
Company Blue Lanterns Firro 1
Company Blue Man group Lord Squire Alexander 'Rune' Falcone 4
Household Blue Moose Bobo, Esquire 9
Household Book & Blade Ulfr Bloodax 26
Household Borderlands Alumni Sylvanista de'Ebonydaryth 3
Company BOS 0
Company Boss Squad Jake 3
Company Boulderize! Krymm Det'Vale 9
Household Bovine Society Terran Krakenslayer 32
Household Brass Rat 6
Company Bregan D'aerth Kayhynn Maisri Silverleaf / Rosea To'mas 3
Company Bregan Frith Surmerus 2
Company Brethren Court Lord Edward Blood 1
Company Brethren of the Cup & Coin Sir Euric Bloodstone 18
Company Broheimsgaard 0
Household Broken Blades Korgrim 8
Household Broken Heart Society Concordia Tul 1
Household Broken Hearts 10
Household Bromance CeDar 3
Household Bronies of Serpent Valley Pinkie Pie 9
Company Brotherhood Hertug Sir Bromhir Ethindale-Tannon, The High Ringgiver 19
Company Brotherhood of Arms 0
Household Brotherhood of Assassins Lord Edward Blood 2
Company Brotherhood of Azor Baernoir 13
Company Brotherhood of Dark Tower Roland Ironfist 50
Company brotherhood of life 0
Household Brotherhood Of Mercenary Brigands Lord Warlord Sir Aagard 3
Company Brotherhood of Mithril Forest 0
Company Brotherhood of Niall 0
Company Brotherhood of Skull Haven 0
Company Brotherhood of Steel Lyme 6
Household Brotherhood of Steel Logarius 1
Company Brotherhood of the Anvil Darkheart 4
Company Brotherhood of the Black Oak Ashur 2
Company Brotherhood of the Bladed Lotus Anahuac Zemotl 6
Household Brotherhood of the Blood Moon Terran Krakenslayer 9
Household Brotherhood of the Branded Forge 26
Household Brotherhood of the Branded Forge Baronet Batdorf 1
Company Brotherhood of the Cross Bones Artanis son of Trellain 6
Company Brotherhood of the Dens Baron Sir Balthor 10
Company Brotherhood of the Flying Dragons 0
Company Brotherhood of the Red Horn Bunch 8
Household Brotherhood of the sword Jokyo 1
Company Brotherhood of the Wolf Raziel 10
Company Brothers Inc. Kit Silvertail 8
Company Builders Ryshad FireClaw Stroke 6
Company Bulldog Brigade Rengard 9
Company Bulls of Hawk's Point Walberan 5
Company Bumble Bees Marvin Broadcloak 3
Household Bunachas Ealain Baen (Keeper) McOllthair 7
Company Burdenkeepers FC 7
Household Burner Anarchy 3
Company Burning Cinder Legion of Crimson Chaos Fire Brotaku Vengeant 1
Company Burning Grove Stormfeather 2
Company Burning Shadows Shadrach Esq. 5
Household Caleldar Elven Household Dame Angela Mastersinger 11
Household Caligro Pirate Crew Kyra Kadais 4
Household Camp Wolfrick 0
Company Caochladh Amhasg Gruagach 3
Company Captain Willie and the J-Force Volundrung, the Hammer of Mediocrity 4
Company Card XIII Sirius 2
Household Carnival of Carnage Silver Rathalos 3
Household Casa de los Alacranes 4
Household Caster's College Stat Ebonmoon The Madd Esq. 6
Household Cats Ausway 3
Household Cavern Companions 7
Household Celestial Artisans 12
Household Celestial Elf 2
Household Celestial Griffons 20
Company Celtic Dragons Theron 14
Household Celtic Rose 5
Company Celts EricRavenclaw 4
Company Cerberus Freya 4
Company Chalybs et Sanguis 6
Household Chamber of Whispers Glyn Aidan 8
Company Chaos Horde Meis 6
Company Checkmate 10
Company CheckMate Lord Rellik Esquire 3
Company Chicken Headed Samurais Splatter 9
Household Children of Echidna Toblerone 5
Household Children of Lugh Rellion Ironthorne 2
Household Children of the Aesir Fru Ka\'a Fay Acklie 12
Company Children of the Nephilim Lu Cypher 1
Company Choshu-Han Ishin Shishi Xander 5
Company Chumomisto Gypsies Duke Cubli Kong 9
Company Chumomisto Gypsies v2.0 Aliza 5
Household Church O' the Pirate Luminitsa 9
Household Church of PIE Feral Lynn 25
Household Church of Saint Porkins Porkins 3
Household Church of the Apocalypse 64
Household Church of the Fire God Darkcast Mephisto Shadowwind 4
Household Church of Tyr Raion no Yoto 6
Company Circle Of The Black Thorn Admiral Anne Cash 5
Company Clack Clack Etah Landshark 2
Household Clan Akinishto Zume Frostpaw 3
Household Clan Bearskull Raegar Bearskull 6
Company Clan Berry Kyrie Eleison 5
Household Clan Blackmaw Blade Shadowwind 16
Company Clan Blood Tooth 0
Household Clan Bloodtooth Esmea Von Tuek 28
Company Clan Campbell Angus 'Stronghand' Campbell 8
Company Clan Eag Ire of Artesia 2
Household Clan Fire Hammer Serin Hector 16
Company Clan FluffyTree Fluffycox 2
Household Clan Gazelle Kuma the Sage 7
Company Clan Greycat Nenye Greycat Sakura 1
Company Clan Grimwulff Shadow Hawk 14
Company Clan Gruk 0
Household Clan Iron Wolf Hiroaki 1
Company Clan Khim' bar Jax 1
Company Clan Langmark Wolf 4
Household Clan MacAbee 52
Company Clan MacDougall Kenyan MacDougall 5
Household Clan MacGillivray 9
Household Clan McKrotch Lord Mathias Thordrenger McKrotch 1
Household Clan McKrotch Yhamish McKrotch 1
Household Clan Nightblossom Lady Isone Nasrin 5
Household Clan Niketa 6
Household Clan Nolis Dawn Nolis 1
Household Clan Oathbreaker Token Yazzor the Black 8
Company Clan of Bones Barbarus N.C. 2
Company Clan of the Bears Dragonlady 6
Company Clan of the Bloodmoon Alizandrea 5
Company Clan Okuyama 0
Household Clan Okuyama (House) Sir Arminius the Pale-Skinned 13
Company Clan Panurple Jade Panurple 10
Company Clan Raion Raion no Yoto 22
Household Clan Ramseys 7
Company Clan Redheart Illumina 3
Household Clan Rimefrost Hodr Rimefrost 3
Company Clan Scythe Thanatos 2
Company Clan Sturmovik Waka 2
Household Clan Tuasthanor Ninel 5
Household Clan Turtle Tiberius DarkTigger 55
Household Clan Wolfrick Wolfrick 3
Household Clawgrindyr Baronet Squire StTar Reddawn Sapphyre 1
Household Clear Night Clarissia 1
Company Clockwork Oz Folklore 4
Household CloudWalkers Boros the Spider 22
Company Coalition of Grandeur Kotex Soulseeker 8
Company Coastguard 0
Household Coastguard Slick Johnny 8
Household Cobra Kai Dojo Zumat 10
Company Cohors Praetoria - XIII Randalf Falconbridge 8
Household College of the Frozen North 5
Company Comic Tragedy 0
Household Comic Tragedy tweedle dum 25
Company Commonwealth Monkey Blade 8
Company Company Dark Eye 0
Company Company of Strangers Baron Nicholas Sindrech Se\'rech 14
Company Company of Strangers West Viscount Thorkel Hrafnson 13
Company Company of Unkindness Valdagar 9
Company Company X Null and Void 1
Company Cookie Militia Bowlgod 3
Company Cookie Monsters Squire Lady LeLundra Mickey Shadow Night 19
Household Corinthus Sir Militaris 5
Company Corpus Monstrum 0
Company Corpus Monstrum Elora Raven-Goldmoon 1
Company Corsairs Duo 16
Company Corvo Nero 7
Company Cosa Nostra 16
Company Cossacks Odo 6
Household couch of no Morgan Ironwolf 2
Company council of thirteen Lord Squire Vaughn Ulfgar 2
Household Council of Imaginary Ninja Lurker 2
Company Council of Set Terry 4
Company Council of The Shadowed Concordance Theliisa Lovell 1
Company Court Jesters Tiberius DarkTigger 14
Company Court Of Chaos Chaos Tortae' The Madd Hatter 3
Household Coven Lady Lukretia 13
Household Crafty Wenches Pandora 1
Household Crafty Wenches 4
Household Crane clan Ayame 3
Company Crawling Chaos~ Yoni haMagid 14
Household Creed of Annihilation Baronet Lord Thalyn den Macros 5
Household Creed of the Colony Lord Rickas Emmet 1
Household Creed of the Colony Lord Rickas Emmet 1
Company Cresent Moon Leela 9
Household Crew of the Emerald Tide Admiral Anne Cash 11
Company Crimson Avians Kira 2
Household Crimson Blades 5
Company Crimson Circlet (Household) Malran Singollo 9
Household Crimson Gorget Brother Fredrik de Money 4
Company Crimson Guard Diana Starfall 14
Company Crimson Marauders Sir Euric Bloodstone 31
Company Crimson Masks Gunther 6
Household Crimson Valiant Crew Arban the Red 7
Company Crimson Willow Bovine 5
Household Crimson Wind Wild Hyacinth 10
Company Critter and the Hot Chicks Gyda 12
Household Croi Reoite 8
Household Crownscendos Kota K. Bloodmoore 6
Company Crusader Lord William Angelbornne Esquire 9
Household Crusaders Laoric 9
Company Crusaders Legion Lord William Angelbornne Esquire 6
Household Crusaders of Amtgard 11
Company Crusaders of Memphis Lord William Angelbornne Esquire 13
Company Crusaders of the Apocalypse 4
Company Crusaders of Tor Dorgan Blackfist, Lord 4
Company Crusty Old Farts Lord Robin T. W. Carver, esquire 3
Household Crystal Corps 31
Company Crystal Valkyries Lady Kat Arkain, Esq. 5
Company Cult of Gordon 0
Company Cult of the Dragon Darkheart 4
Company CuMorgan Baronet Lady Esquire Jagiquay 1
Company CuMorrigan 133
Household Current's Blade Seven 19
Household Cutie Mark Crusaders Rewth An Sealgair 8
Household Da Boyz 13
Household Da Red Skabz Joarer 2
Household Da Vinci Countess Erewen Badgerhart 3
Household daemonium venator 5
Company Dagger of the Silver Moon 46
Company Dahunic Isfar Karie Esquire Aka Mud$lide 4
Company Damage Inc ( Household) Man at Arms Lios, Master Archer 4
Household Dancers of the AEther Squire Nazira Al Badiyah Reeh 3
Company Dancing Silver Moon Kerghan Blackleaf 6
Company Dar Lord Omok Dar 17
Company Darastrix 0
Company Dark Brotherhood Baron Karl von Rot Wyrm 8
Household Dark Brotherhood 0
Household Dark Brotherhood VaLance Draigonnos 3
Company Dark glory 17
Company dark harvengers of destruction Snow 5
Company Dark Harvest Sir Anavrin 15
Company Dark Monks Viktor Vlad Spiritpaw 5
Company Dark Riders 68
Company Dark Runners Mercolium Dark Runner 1
Company Dark Sovereigns Randalf Falconbridge 2
Company Dark Spirits of Illusion 0
Company Dark Triforce Corps 10
Company Dark Troll House Duke Lord Sir Kyrupt Desmodeus 25
Household Darkbane Order 25
Company Darkfire Guild Ravenna Tymerion 4
Household DarkFrost 14
Household Darkjester, Gypsy Moon Sir Marchand Valinor 6
Household Darkjester, Harlequin Zumat 15
Household Darkjester, Shadowbell 25
Company Darklund Evelyna Darklund 4
Company Darkwatch 0
Company Darkwater Master Thrash, Master Assassin 14
Company Darkwater Baronet Squire Stephiroth 2
Household Darkwood Nacyl 8
Company Darkwood Hunters 0
Household Dat Tco Hitorimono 8
Company Davion Blood Heirs Balder Lance Stroke 2
Company Dawn Chasers Axis 11
Household Dayleeonous 8
Company Dead Rabbits Doomlord 4
Company Dead Weights Tenebrae Umbranox 4
Company Deadites 0
Household Deadpool Corps Ravenos Kinslayer 1
Household Deadrise Bay Pirate Fleet 2
Household Death Dealers Lady Demonika 23
Household Death Incarnate 4
Company Death Walkers Mordael Roseheart 1
Company Death's Hand 0
Company Deathwatch 13
Household Decum Evan Traginoire del Khahli Eru Iluvatar 3
Household Defenders and Friends of CuMorrigan Tink Dragonmare 10
Company Defenders of Hope Azurea Greymoon 5
Household Defunct 8
Household Defunct 5
Company Degeneration X Sir Smurf 2
Household Deisceabail de Goibniu 5
Household delete 0
Company DELETE MaA Jet Dasdanos 3
Company DELETE 0
Company delete Master Arden Dawnseeker 1
Company delete 0
Household delete 0
Household delete 0
Company Delete Drake 7
Company Delete 23
Company Delete Dakota CrownStealer 1
Company Delete Glenalth 1
Company Delete Orwyne 1
Household Delete Bonnie Ellerou 1
Company Delete Rufus of Wyvernwatch 1
Household Delete 0
Household delete Amazons Lord Viklas the Mad 1
Company delete maybe Test 1
Household delete maybe WAR 1
Household delete maybe 3
Household delete maybe 9
Household delete maybe Cathan Durmar 1
Household delete maybe Shadow (dr) 1
Company delete maybe Zuko Von Kirathelle 9
Household Delete, Please 0
Company Delzora Master Trible Shorty Delzora 9
Company Demon Hunters Linara Moonshadow 1
Company DemonBlade Syndicate Sencha 3
Household Demons of oblivian Anthros 1
Household Demons of oblivion 13
Company Den Of Dragons Orian The Hunted 12
Company Den of Evil Marmuset 7
Household Den of Valor 31
Company Densetsu Cisco Kid 7
Company Derelictum 13
Company Desert Rose Weyr 0
Company Devil Dogs Baron Shadus Al'Shattersong 1
Company Dick'n Cider Token Yazzor the Black 13
Household Direwolf Clan 4
Company Dirty Old Men Bangor 5
Company Disciples 0
Company Disgruntled Fighters' Syndicate Guriko Holcolmb 3
Company Ditch Ground Ruffians Thalese 3
Company Ditch Monkey, House Big Head 5
Company DitchGround Ruffians Epitaph 3
Company Dochasan Lasair 9
Company Dog Soldiers of Cu Chulainn Ocewyn 4
Company Dog Soldiers of CuChulainn 11
Company doggs of war 0
Company doggs of war Ambassador Crimson-Froggie 12
Household Dominion of Saints CeDar 2
Company Domus Inventa Scriptores Nevin "The Scorpion" Arcnadas 10
Household Domus Octavii Ser Tseng Octavius 9
Company Domus Umbra Milo Lagallow 5
Company Draconus Ivan The Terrible 4
Household DraconusFoxus Foxenna 3
Household Dragneel Avner 1
Company Dragon ,The House of Zaratul 11
Company Dragon Army 0
Company Dragon Blade Mercenaries 47
Company Dragon Claw Waveharp 5
Company Dragon Division Isfar Karie Esquire Aka Mud$lide 2
Company Dragon Hill 0
Company Dragon Isle Will Golemheart 2
Company Dragon Riders Shadow Slayer 1
Company Dragon Syndicate Weaze 10
Company Dragon's Blade 10
Company Dragon's Breath, The Crew of 0
Company Dragon's End Vilkas The Blade 5
Company Dragon's Fire Rookie 2
Company Dragon's Haven Logan De Vere 6
Company Dragonesses 0
Company Dragonflame Matrim 10
Household Dragonforge Valiant 6
Household Dragonlight Starlight Ala Tree Via 2
Household Dragons of the Isles 4
Company Dragons of The Rune 46
Company Dragons Souls Pheobe Lightfoot 7
Company Dragonspur Strongdrake Nemoralis 10
Company DragonStorm Ladyhawk 18
Company Dragonstorm Sylva 10
Company Dragoon Brotherhood Dractaros Dracon 4
Household Dragoon Company Zumat 14
Household Draug Ohtar Darius Night 2
Household Dreadmoor College of Arts and Sciences Xenhei 11
Company Dreadmoor Rangers Kindle 5
Company DreamBreakers Lord Spartin Spar 10
Household Dreamweavers Hertug Sir Bromhir Ethindale-Tannon, The High Ringgiver 30
Household Dri appeture Swarze 1
Household Drunken Buccaneers Hector D chek 1
Company Drunken Wyvern Goodwyn_Clu_DaBard 10
Household Dshite Noremac Dashite 1
Household Dues Paid for Life Maera Halvorsdottir 6
Household Dun Draoneach Glenalth 1
Company Dusk Raiders Man-at-Arms Talos 18
Household Dwarven Kingdom of Hammers Reign Theodoxus Thaxson 34
Household E.O.D. Whipping Boy 1
Household Eastern Expeditionary Guild Baroness Dame Celwyn 1
Household EastWind Healers Bellatrix 1
Company Ebon Order 17
Company Ebon Wing Freya 6
Company Eclipse Lord E 32
Company Eclipse Cole Caecus 1
Household eclipse household Sir Lady Kaylin Underhell / Lady Mom 18
Company Einherjar 42
Company Eisenwald Syn 2
Household Elphyne Sceal Cuddles 4
Household Elves of Amtgard Lord Squire Hunteil 1
Household Emberlight Rewth An Sealgair 21
Company Emerald Guard Sutra Bahuas (aka Sutra the Red) 4
Company Emerald Rose Elixir 9
Company Enchanted Bat Grimbold 5
Company Enchanted Forest Household 0
Household Enchanted Leaf Soli Kareien 1
Household Endless Waters Baroness Julianna Archanna 4
Company Entreri 0
Household Esdraelon Megiddo, Esq. 2
Household Esen Harem Nathanial Goldenleaf 27
Company Esydra Sir Jacobi 4
Company Esydra Artemis 1
Company Esydra Artemis 1
Company Eternal Celts Lord Rellik Esquire 5
Company Eternal Flame Argile Blackstone 20
Company Eternal Order of Darkness Aengus O'Shaley 10
Household Eternal Order Of Darkness 6
Company Eudaimus Greggor 3
Company Evening Sun 0
Company Evening Sun, Blood Covenant 0
Company Evening Sun,Minions of Thor-ak Hammerheld 0
Company Ever Growing Snapdragons UpMihr D. Beanslaw 3
Company Evergreen Gate Redwald 11
Household Evil French Emma 1
Company Evil French Canadians Roger Shrubstaff 3
Company Evolution Victis Morganti 6
Company Exalted Bells 1
Company Expendables Demitri Kincaid 15
Company F.S 0
Company FAB 0
Company Faded Horde Xero 3
Household Fae Council Archdruid Squatch Draoi 8
Household Fae Haven Red Krakr 5
Company Faery Mafia Kyrie Eleison 3
Household Fairy's Sorrow Helter 3
Company Falcon Gard 0
Company Falcon Guard Quintus Aulus 2
Company Falkenheim 0
Company Fallen Dragon Bear Brown 10
Company Fallen Ones Lord Ramiel 12
Household Fallen Wasteland Fly Nycto 3
Company Familia de Rosa et Gladius Link aka Jewbacca 3
Company Far Travellers 4
Household Fariytail Mistery 1
Company Fat bastards, House Fionnigan Hellblazer 7
Household Fat Kid, House FalQuinn Tannon 11
Household Fatchronaughtics Zero Pyros Harkkonen of Ravencroft 7
Company Favored House Pacific Druwitch 2
Household Fellowship of the Skulls Morgan MacDuff 2
Company Fenice Lady Blaze 1
Household Fenice Fay 10
Company Ferrum Crux 41
Company Fighting Pussycats Lord Kato Darkhaven 10
Company Firma 0
Company First Church of Amtgard Lord Squire Father Darby O'Malley 1
Company Flames of the Tyrant Kakao 4
Company Fletched Hounds 0
Company Flood Brothers Rayne Amunet 4
Household Followers of the Tyedye Goddess Kyrie Eleison 9
Company Followers of the Wandering Star Aaeron Steel 21
Company Forge of the Black Flame 0
Company Forgeborne Kaas MacCoill 10
Household Forgotten Elves Lord James Vandyke 2
Company Forsaken Reaper 2
Company Forsaken Family Griff 14
Company Forsaken ones Ezzeshadu Nashim 'Frostbringer 4
Company Fox Fire, House 0
Company Fox Guard Talaisan 6
Company FoxFire Kit Silvertail 2
Household Fraternal Order of the Epic Stein (FOES) Medzek 4
Company Free Companies Angus 'Stronghand' Campbell 36
Company Free Merchants Cormac ap Tarkus Stormblade Grimwulff MacLeod 33
Household Free Range Butterflies Angus 'Stronghand' Campbell 12
Company Freelancer Panek Auid Chaynglyng 11
Company Frenzy United Sir Doc Marley 13
Company Frostbrew Groan Mooncaller 47
Household Frosted Paynes 6
Company Frumpy Weapons Vladimir Petroff 6
Company Fury Lord Rellik Esquire 1
Company Furyan (House) Grand Duke Sir Dekland Silverbush 6
Household Galanodel Bachick son of Ahick 18
Household Galaxy 0
Household Galaxy 18
Company Gallerian's Gift Serin Hector 7
Company Gallifrey 0
Company Galloglass 14
Company Gang Green Aurora Evonheart 9
Company Garrison of Dragon Hill 16
Company Gaslight Amtgard Taver A'lundra Firestrike Nemoralis 7
Household Gawad Taur 0
Household Gawad Taur Lady Arriana Hale 8
Company Gearhold Merchants Guild 5
Company Get 'Er Done! Lord Tarkan Esquire 3
Household Ghosts of Schefelker 8
Company Ghosts Of War Avera 8
Company Ghostwalkers Kit Silvertail 6
Household Ghostwalkers Granite Jeweleater 16
Company Gingerbread House, The Medicineman 5
Household Giovanni Clan 6
Company Girl Couch Anberon Nole 4
Household Git Gud Academy Lord Yorick Ebonmoon 3
Company Gizmotrons 0
Household Glas Trodaire Don Needle von Fluffles 13
Household Glee Club Ducryus of Amagosa 8
Company Glen Bangor 6
Household Goat's Executives Joarer 6
Household Goblin Army , The Garthax 11
Household Goblin Asylum THAT DAMN DROW!!! 6
Company Goblin Heavy Weapons Crew (GHWC) 1
Household Goblin Slaying Elite Defender Man-at-Arms Dragon Redthorn 20
Company Goblin Union of Mercenaries Lorell Theldarin-Nemoralis 6
Household Godstone Fair Godwyn 25
Household Going Merry 9
Company Golden Dragon Julian 10
Company Golden Dragons of Rising Winds Julian 10
Company Golden Gryphons 0
Company Golden Hearth Lord Master Wackerthak 14
Company Golden Horde Rajjin Vailor 6
Company Golden Lions 42
Company Golden Lions Vodin 1
Company Golden Lions 0
Company Gordun Nightgazer of the Shadowholds 4
Household Grand Temple of Ish 4
Company Graphic F/X Camilla Blood 4
Company Great Hunt 7
Household Great Sea Alliance Adorth 11
Company Green Dawn Trinity Demetris 8
Company Green Dragons 56
Household GreenDawn Angiel D'Winter 6
Company Greenforge Xiaho-Dun 14
Company Grendel 66
Company Grey Fangs Eulogy Rosebearer Forsaken 1
Company Grey Legion Fror II 1
Company Grey Order of Dawn Ladrill 1
Household Grey Templars Nakis Mercades 1
Company Grey Warders 0
Company Greycat Clan Raion no Tepposette 3
Household Greyhawk, House LaKaiya 5
Household Greyseer Harold 1
Household Grimm Hollows 5
Company Grimwulf Clan Lee Magi of Kingspoint 5
Company Gryphon's Pryde Azmandius 2
Company Gryphon's Rage Fionnigan Hellblazer 2
Household Gryphter Arch Duke Sir Fitz Caliston 14
Company Guardians 0
Household Guardians of Discord Ero 8
Household Guardians of Endor 7
Company Guardians of Silverkeep Zalec 4
Company Guardians of Silverkeep 12
Company Guardians of the Evergreen Redwald 9
Company Guardians of the Temple Baracuda 3
Company Gudhism Tink Dragonmare 5
Company Guild Of Lumberjacks Link, Don of Hyrule 4
Company Guild of Scholars Daegon Malak 3
Household Guild of the Metal Spider Mortikai 16
Company Guile Damarak 3
Company Gypsies of the Sylvan Wood Sovaliss Galanodel 4
Company Gypsies of Thorn-Rad Jasmine 2
Company Gypsies of Thorn-Rad Jasmine 5
Company Gypsy Palattemei Panurple 9
Company H.E.X Dritzz Dox 1
Company Hallowed Soldiers of Asgard 0
Company Hammers Leviathon David Nailo IV (4th) 9
Household HammerStryke Thor Brand 1
Household Hand of Anubis Ravenos Kinslayer 3
Company Harbingers Canute Alfarinson 5
Company Harkonnen Sir Heydeez Pyros Harkonnen 1
Company Harriers of Urd 0
Company Hatchet House Khalirius Da'Shamonz 8
Household Hatchet House Khalirius Da'Shamonz 4
Company Havoc Sir Sularus Silversword 3
Company Headbasher Household TORig Headbasher 4
Company Healers Fury 0
Household HearthHome Zahrya 6
Household Hearthkeepers Duskan Dumah Gaust 4
Household Hell's Belles Bernedette Whitewing 5
Company Hellaquin Lord Squire Raziel St. Beast 4
Company Hellion's Tears 19
Company Hellscream Household Baronet Lord Squire Haze Shadowmoon Von Hellscream, Esq, Defender of CG 7
Household Hen House OpalDragon 3
Company Heralds of the Apocalypse Master Randani Van Klief 15
Household Heralds of the Griffin Grand Marquis Sir Akrith Lightshade 5
Company Hexxus Jakyl Ironjaw 4
Household HHH Manor Ravyn 3
Company Hidden Blade Zhen 4
Company Highlighter Kaadiart Hearts AnaMayn 12
Household Historical Cookery Guild Fionnghal Nic Phaidin 8
Household HMS Turtle's Revenge Cervantes (Smiley) SpiritPaw Ironfist 20
Company Hojo Clan Shadow Corvus 8
Company HOLM Annabellee 3
Company Holy Bearers of Bacon Cash De Monet 1
Household Holy Office of the Inquisition Baron Abbot Sir Katzu the Farquestor 14
Household Honey Badger House Lady River Gale 3
Company Honorable Associates of the Guild of the Leaf 0
Company Horde Echo 10
Company Horsemen Lady Layla Amunet 16
Company Hospitallers Morgil Flamestrike 32
Company Host of Horus Kaas MacCoill 2
Company Hounds of Night Drax Cummuni 9
Company HOUS Skrum Ashbjorn 1
Company House Accuris Omnos 3
Company House Aka-Neko Tanaka Naoki 4
Household House Ambrosius Gale Ambrosius 1
Company House Amunet Lady Layla Amunet 13
Household House Ansgar 12
Company House Aracorn Raston Aracorn 1
Household House Aurum Cataegis 1
Household House Bardic Enthos Grayfell 6
Company House Bathory Rage of Fires Birth 7
Household House Beer 29
Household House Ben-Israel Mister Pixy 4
Household House Beorn 4
Household House BigG Sluff Orlando Ebasdotter (Obie) 12
Company House Blackwolf Jensen Nordholter 4
Household House Blood Mist 9
Household House Blue Dragon Juniper 1
Household House Blue Dragon Juniper 1
Company House Blue Dragon Juniper 1
Household House Burdenkeeper 17
Household House Burn 22
Company House Bushie Adorth 1
Household House Cari 13
Household House Companion Starlight Ala Tree Via 5
Household House Crimson CeDar 4
Household House Crypticon Tinkamena 6
Household House D'Artiste Sir Zachry Ironwolf 12
Household House Darksoul Gabriel Darksoul 4
Household House Darkstalker Daelin Darkstalker, Lord 2
Household House Darkstar Lord Squire Sean Darkskul 3
Company House de la Pimp 0
Household House DeLoki Lord Gremio DeLoki 11
Household House Dickshot Vodin 1
Household House Draconis 64
Company House Dracul Foxx 6
Household House Dragonclaw 6
Household House Dragoneye Lady Sage Ravyn Paw 7
Household House Dragonspawn 7
Household House Draycon 11
Household House Emmet Lord Rickas Emmet 1
Household House End'Oh 19
Household House Eos 4
Household House Evarayne 9
Household House Fairy Tail 13
Company House Falco Kurg Slick Johnny 4
Household House Fallstar Belias Nuul Mora 5
Household House Farquestor Sir Dughan 14
Company House Flamespitter Defender Squire Pyro 7
Household House Foxfire Kit Silvertail 2
Household House Frostwind Xaios Frostwind 2
Household House Fukkit Garthax 7
Household House Gale 10
Household House Gallifrey 6
Household House Glitterbomb Dezmon Von Mainland 4
Company House GQ Kaio 5
Household House Gravy 9
Household House Haardrad Matosai Hiromashi Sakura 18
Household House Harkonnen Herzog Sir Rabanzarelli Ethindalus Harkonnus 1
Household House Havaar Aramis of Oceana 2
Household House Heathen 12
Household House Highever Rellion Ironthorne 3
Company House Highstorm Jozan Darklighter 1
Company House Highstorm Jozan Darklighter 1
Household House Honeymead Una Nare 3
Household House Honinbo 13
Household House Ironwolf 7
Household House Kaine 9
Company House Karstark Lord Page Antonius Aequitas 1
Household House Kildaire 12
Household HOUSE KRIPPLE 66
Household House Lasair 1
Household House Lasair 18
Company House Leonis Phyrefly 5
Household House Longtail Dame Alona Twotrees Tul 15
Household House Lore Keepers 8
Household House Lyonall Malkav 5
Household House Lyonall Malkav 3
Household House Madness Lord Yorick Ebonmoon 1
Household House madness Stat Ebonmoon The Madd Esq. 1
Household House madness Stat Ebonmoon The Madd Esq. 1
Household House McGlean Baronet Squire Michael Drakewater 1
Household House McKrotch Yhamish McKrotch 1
Household House McNikle 6
Household House Morning Star Baronet Syr Wolfen Penitent del Khahli du Chevalier 6
Household House Mortem Revan Drazul 4
Household House Mortis 0
Household House Myrth'morar Savien Trallard 7
Household House Myrthnndal Smooph 1
Company House Naaraya'loki Alexis Naaraya'loki 4
Household House O' Hare Marquis Garlon Retjick the Nose 12
Household House Obitious Home of the Faceless Ones 7
Household House Obsidyn Kayna 1
Household House Obsidyn 21
Household House Odin 3
Household House Odin 8
Household House Odinsson 5
Company House of Allied Artisans Eldivar Blackstone 3
Household House of Arrow and Sun 15
Household House of Ash Draco Kitty 1
Household House of Ash Draco Kitty 1
Household House of Ash 2
Company House of Auditore-Paine Master Man at Arms Nox Illuminati del Sol 4
Household House of Avalon Neopolita of Avalon 1
Household House of Awen Orwyne 2
Company House of Barbie Raven 12
Company House of Bourbonia Baronet Squire Michael Drakewater 9
Company House of Brian Groo 16
Household House of Carthanas Orwyne 3
Household House of Cats Thanos 2
Household House Of Ceallaigh 7
Household House Of Crats Pheonix McDermottMacLeod 9
Household House of Doom 29
Household House of Dracul Ruxeth Etc. Gaust 4
Household House of Dragon Hill 23
Household House of Fools Cubby 7
Company House of Grayskull Tempest Weststone 9
Household House of H34DHUNT3RS Boros the Spider 7
Household House of Heaven Big Head 5
Household House of hope Titan 1
Household House of Hyrule 13
Household House of Ironstar 4
Household House of Keign 12
Household House of Macros Baronet Lord Thalyn den Macros 9
Household House of Massacre Zedakiah Massacre 5
Company House of Mothor Baroness Lady Fey Anya Marina Blackleaf 2
Company House of Nargile Lord Slain Valkin 5
Household House of Night and Day Kain Walker 1
Company House of Night Wraiths Razgriz 7
Company House of Ogswald Takaffi Cold-Water 23
Household House of Pi(e) Andronika, Lady 1
Household House of Pi(e) Solomon Firetoken 4
Household House Of Plague H 21
Household House of Salt Count Jax Arkain 3
Household house of scouts Envy longsword 1
Household House Of Silent Shadows Alexander 7
Household House of Takigawa Takigawa Ieyoshi 2
Company House of the Burning Blade Fluffy 3
Company House of the Claw Fox 10
Household House of the Comet Rill Roads 7
Household House of the Community Chest Squire master Canthor 8
Household House of the Crescent Dawn 9
Household House of the Dancing Saber Rengard 15
Household House of the Dead Epitaph 6
Household House of the Elite Hunters Woman-at-Arms Destin 6
Company House of the Eternal Dagger Druwitch 8
Household House of the Eternal Wolves Starlight Ala Tree Via 1
Household House of the Fallen Lord Marius Wynter Snow 1
Household House of The Forsaken 5
Household House of the Gaming Dragon Kat 8
Household House of the Healing Hands Katarina 11
Household House of the Heathen Hooves Smooph 1
Company House of the Hungry Solder Xander of Doomwind 13
Household House of the Iron Ravens 0
Household House of the Iron Ravens 10
Company House of the Jingly Esha Moon 3
Company House of The LaCroix Alex Snow 1
Household House of the Last Laugh 8
Company House of The Moon Spydur Moon 7
Household House of the Muse Blackthorn 1
Company House of the Peregrine 0
Household House of the Serpent's Ladder 9
Company House Of The Sev3n Demons Seal BlackHawk 7
Household House of the Troubadours Lady Arriana Hale 1
Household House of the Undying Force Cathan Durmar 8
Household House of the White Rose 19
Household House of Thrice 26
Company House of Underdark Ryi 1
Household House of Wilson Ruggles McTinklybush 1
Household House of Wilson 6
Household House of Wolves Milk 6
Company House of Zsoldos Bhoodeiss 1
Household House Oleander 12
Household House Ormwyrd Lord Yngiwulf Ormwyrd 7
Household House Osgard 4
Household House Ptarmigan Duke Sir Nexus Crow the Feathered 9
Company House Rabid badger Heartwynd of Doomwind 6
Household House Rainbow Baroness Dame Celwyn 8
Household House Ravenos Fereck (The Wereshrub) 21
Household House Raventhorne Therrin Greycloud 12
Company House Rhino Baronet Bartok Rhino 8
Household House Roisin 9
Household House Rosemont 0
Household House Saphira Starlight Ala Tree Via 12
Household House Saretah Moon Ryshad FireClaw Stroke 9
Household House Sesshomaru 13
Household House Shenanigans Fenris Midgaardsbane 4
Household House Silverlight Rorek Silverlight 3
Household House Silvermoon 65
Household House Silvermoon Lady Sparrow Fyrebringer 1
Household House Silvia Lord Arkias Krolas 2
Household House Smiling Nova 1
Household House Stark Devon Stark 7
Company House Strongbow Bangor 6
Household House Tenebrarum Amplexis Tryel 10
Household House Thespis 2
Household House Thornhill Nam Hwaryong 13
Household House Thornhill Dawn Thornhill 1
Household House Thornhill Dawn Thornhill 1
Household House Thornhill Dawn Thornhill 1
Household House Uberherr 0
Household House Unicorn 0
Household House Unity Orian The Hunted 12
Household House Valefor Edelspeth 2
Household House Valhalla Aspasia 1
Household House Vilkas Ariel Vilkas 1
Company House Wamtii 0
Household House Wolf Song Artin Rynn 1
Household House Wolfram Princess 5
Household House Wolfspell Howl 1
Household House Wyngarde Sir Orgasmatron the Climaxius 3
Company House Zefra Rafe Ravel 7
Company Household for Emails 0
Household Household of Ralaar Klhu Kaltegan 9
Company Household of the Mask Dart 14
Household Hrafn Hof 12
Household Huela Ssin Serin Hector 14
Company Hund Schädel Oaces Zerouvee 5
Company Hunters Xsaga Kurai 1
Company Hús Vetra Skald Dan The Man of Hús Vetra Skald 4
Company Hut Baron Sir Balthor 5
Household I Suck At This Game 8
Company Iceni Leela 16
Company Iconoclast Krymm Det'Vale 9
Company Idols of the Rising Winds 0
Company Ilith Oloth Shar, House Notelrac 3
Company Ilith Oloth, House Notelrac 5
Household Illuminaughty Red Beard of Ravensholm 4
Company Imbolc 0
Company Immortals, The 0
Household Imperial Knights Rasu 2
Company Infernal Guard Bardic Ershaw 5
Company Inland Ocean Newbies 0
Household InterKingdom House of Pancakes Cullum Eyrewolf Valinor 10
Company IO Fan Club Maera Halvorsdottir 6
Household Irish Legitimate Business Front Kentigern 16
Company Irken Army 9
Company Irken Empire Lord Squire Master George 17
Company Iron Crusaders Thomas Marshal 4
Company Iron Curtain Bear 2
Company Iron Gauntlets 11
Company Iron Gryphon Darrkon 4
Household Iron Mountains Brewers Guild Artimus Dane 7
Company Iron Stags 7
Company Iron Wulf Ceowulf 10
Company Ironclad Rue Ironclad 8
Household IronHide 1
Company IronHide 9
Company Ironstar Adventuring Company 17
Household Ironvale School of Battle Duro of the Vale 1
Household Ironwood Baroness Dame Celwyn 24
Household Ironwood, A Querna Tema based House Argile Blackstone 14
Company Isa and his Forty Thieves Count Sir Warlord Master Robin Magnus Gladium 4
Company Itty Bitty Diddy Committee Didymus 4
Company Ivory Tower, Militia of the Iron Dagger 0
Company IX legio I corhors 0
Household IX LEGION 11
Company Jackal Company Bjorn Fellhand 34
Company Jackalopes Nameloc 7
Company Jade Dragons 0
Company Jebin Caderz, House 0
Company Jedi Order Moo 7
Household Jesters of Olympus Darvin 11
Household Jokers Lady Crystal 4
Company Jolly Rogers Sir Blackthorn 16
Household Jorc 2.0 forever infinity unleashed: live on broadway Zuko Von Kirathelle 7
Company Jormungandr 0
Company Jove's Fist Yu'on 13
Company Jqtnarbani 7
Company Juda Kidd 11
Company Just Kaads Kaadiart Hearts AnaMayn 1
Company Justicar Protector Deydron Du Harth,The Savior of the Emerald Hills 1
Company Justicars 14
Household Justice League of Amtgard Demitri Barberoi 11
Company K.I.L.L Man at Arms Strategos 2
Company Kabal Fighting Company Hathol 1
Company kage no ichizoku 0
Household Kagehasu 1
Company Kagehasu 8
Household Kalderasha Natsia 13
Household Karasu Ninja Clan Tsintani Vacura 2
Company Karhus, House Kaio 3
Company Karma 0
Household Karma Company Granite Jeweleater 8
Event Keep on the Borderlands admin 2
Company Keepers of Canterlot Baronet Pharaoh Ausar Lazarus Valentine 4
Company Keepers of the Realm Diana Starfall 3
Household KenRune 3
Household KenRune 0
Company kibCivybyncslipp 0
Household Killraven Lord Squire Kainus Von Killraven 3
Company Kimon Roran CrushinBerry 7
Company Kimono Club Faelynn Dreth 1
Company Kitsune Pingel 7
Company Kitsune Haven 0
Household Kitsunes of Amtgard Lord Squire 9-Tails Esq. 7
Household Kitty Kat Thustra 2
Household Kitty\'s Den Draco Kitty 1
Company Knights of the Nine 0
Company Knights of the Non-Knights 0
Company Knights of the Square Table 0
Household Knobstars Arch Duke Sir Wisp Nemoralis 10
Household Kraken Coast Demo Team Archdruid Squatch Draoi 10
Household Kriple Mistery 1
Company Kuma's Kommandos Kuma the Painted 6
Company Kumori Clan EOHNNI VonWolf 9
Household Kurato Clan 35
Household La Corte dei Pariah Lady Kahlan Feir 14
Company La Femme Battalion Mara the Lost 8
Household La Star Blackfire Moonshadow 54
Household La Valse de la Lune Darius Llewellyn 1
Household Lady Daggers Household Dame Baronette Ember Farstriker 7
Company Lady's In Waiting Essewyn 6
Household Ladybitches Sassafras 9
Household Land's End Brewers Guild Dr Marstone Squid 2
Household Langmark Clan 4
Household Lantern Corp H.B. Puddin\' 1
Household Lantern Corp H.B. Puddin\' 1
Household Lantern Corps. Shalazar Bastion 23
Household Lantern Corps. 0
Household Larethian Feral Lynn 41
Company League of Shadows Baern Stouthammer 1
Company LEC Legion Superfunk 5
Company Leemur's Ladies Chieftain Leemur 4
Household Legacy Naga / Nagateth Darkjester 13
Company Legacy Ser Tseng Octavius 6
Company Legacy (company) 0
Company Legio Mars Dash 4
Company Legio VIIII Hispania Maccalus Caerwent Ex 3
Company Legio XV Ventus Arboris Aquilae General (Baronet) Tiberius Mercadius Veras 13
Company Legion Len 3
Company Legion (Household) 7
Company Legion of Ares Kazumi 11
Company Legion of House Manticore 17
Company Legion of Shadows 0
Company Legion of the Black Cross Hooters 12
Company Legion of the Black Cross Clouder Wintersbane 1
Company Legion of the Damned Baron Ice Shard 14
Household Legion Of the Dracolich 12
Company Legionnaires 12
Company Lemons Household Anika 2
Company Leopard paw clan Belac 1
Household Leviathan Sinew End Oh 6
Company Leviathan Alden Deathstalker 9
Household Leviculus Cappellum Tantum Molly Mallone 6
Company Leznar 0
Household Linden's Brute Squad Kentigern 21
Household Lionesse Oreo De'Creamy 31
Company Lions of Zion Hair 3
Company Little Dragons Grim Nightshade 12
Household Livid Decieved Lallo Stormrage 1
Company Loc's Raiders Loc Draknor 1
Company Loka Honna Jericho Dawnrazor 22
Company Lolipop Guild Milo Badseed 3
Household Lord Chamberlain's Troupe Yukimura 2
Company Lord's of War Armidrake 6
Household Los Almas Del Cuervo Seven 9
Company Lost Boys Man-at-Arms Morcolle 10
Household Lost Children Ascli 1
Company Lost Empire Yuukanna 3
Company Lost Souls 13
Household Lotus Lord Edward Blood 1
Household Lotus Flame Dracomus 2
Company loveshak SanJar 12
Company Lucky Wench Yllarius Croceus 4
Company Ludus Magnus 28
Company Ludus of Twitticus Squire Savage 8
Household Luminari Sir Doc Marley 8
Company Luminous Windstars Tyrrill 8
Company Luna Lobos Sir Sean Carlton 21
Company Lunar Legend 0
Company M.O.M. Squad ShadowHawk Grimwulff 6
Company Macabre Lunar Fox 6
Household MacConneheigh Matew McConnehy 7
Household MacDougall, House Kenyan MacDougall 6
Company MacGregor Sir Brennen MacGregor 13
Household MacGrioghar Adorth 6
Household Macros Zelit Macros 9
Company MacTrucketh Lord Bino 6
Company Mad Fool Forest Evergreen 4
Company Madyrn Lhug BlackHawk 5
Household Magnificent Bastards Lord Erin Forsaken 4
Company Magnificent Bastards Don Sebastian du Lac 1
Company Maiar Corranna Yngling 29
Company Mandalorian Shyrt 4
Company Mando'a Dark Lord Axys Anvilfist 4
Household Margarita Chicks Talisin Silverwolf 9
Company markopolo Lex 6
Company MasKrusade Daegon Malak 4
Household Masque of the Veiled Path Arch Duke Bruin Valorn 1
Company Masters of Nowhere Reign 2
Household Maverick TyeDye 23
Company MegaLodons Zarble Madrean 1
Company men in tights 0
Company Mentchece 0
Household Meowtastics Duke Episode Skinrot 3
Company Mercenaries Dame Baroness Io 3
Company Mercenaries Guild Ursa Durgrim 1
Company mercenaries of Razgreed Dante DeSanto 1
Company Merchent,House of the 0
Household Merry Muggers Jorrland Stormcrow 2
Household Merry Muggers Kesic Black 1
Household Metalflight Glenalth 1
Company MF - Ministers of Fun 0
Company Middle Ground Tavern ( household ) Lady Kaje of the Wolf Spirit People 5
Company Midgardian Explorers Sporq 7
Company Midguard 10
Company Midnight Cloud 3
Household Midnight Gypsies, The Owen Glendwagon 13
Household Midnight Wanderers 5
Company Midwestern Amtgard Paranormal Society Baroness Lady Fey Anya Marina Blackleaf 12
Company Militus Morti Beowolf 8
Company Militus Morti, House Achilles Victrix 7
Household Ministers of Grace 39
Household Minstrels Of Creation 18
Company Misfit Company 0
Household Misty Hollow Kathrynn Devinue 19
Household Mistyvale Assassin's Guild Link aka Jewbacca 7
Company Mobia 0
Company Modern Barbarians Stuy the Stupid Barbarian 3
Company Moga Irregulars Lord Ken Of Shine 5
Company Mom Squad 0
Company Mongrels Aneurin 2
Company Monsters Inc. Bunch 14
Company Moo's Militia 0
Household Moon Cursers, Ken of the Rowan Flores 4
Household Moonhawk 7
Company Moonshadow Blackfire Moonshadow 4
Household Moonsilver Inquisition 15
Company Moonstricken 0
Company Mor Uruk 0
Household Morgannas Revenge Pirate 1
Household Morgannas Revenge Pirate 1
Household Mother Moon's Chosen Phoenix FireVixen 9
Company Mula 0
Household Murder hobos Talis DeMorte 1
Household Muridae Mischief Xanth 5
Household Museigen Hollywood 2
Company Myrmidon 0
Company Mysterium Olorvin (Talaris) 8
Company Mystic Falcons 25
Company Mystic Falcons Master Lucian Demitrius 1
Company mystik dragons Zaratul 7
Company Mythborne Xanthe Chinixborne 5
Company N.O.C. Thorok the Wishful Mighty 6
Company NachtJäger Fanny Mae 7
Company nakedbeachy 0
Household Narejo Ava Narejo the Gargoyle 4
Company Narthania Hawkthorn 7
Household Nature's Fury Skrag 26
Household Nautical Acquisitons Group Guylain 2
Company Navigators Warbird 7
Company Nazuruth Enthos Grayfell 12
Household NE Safe Space Ducryus of Amagosa 6
Household Nefarious Interlopers Flail Snail Sluffanuffagus Phelddagrif Flumph 1
Household Nefarious Interlopers 6
Household Neko Pirates Ausway 5
Company Nemesis Al Azif 6
Company Nemoralis Arch Duke Sir Wisp Nemoralis 9
Company Nemoralis West Plazz 5
Company Nend Galavise Faelynn Dreth 1
Household Nevarkrad Dark Raven 1
Household Neverland 14
Household New Camp, The Bent yet Unbroken 14
Household New Jerusalem Darva Oakstake 11
Household New Sith Empire Bunch 2
Household Newcomers Guild Sir Rook 2
Household Night Frights 20
Company Night Hawks Ellespie 1
Company Night Hawks Ellespie 1
Household NightBlood 10
Company Nightfall Citadel Tally Nightsong 12
Household Nightfall Guardians Shadow (TDV) 1
Household Nightfall Guardians Shadow (TDV) 1
Household Nightfall Guardians 5
Household Nightingales 5
Household Nightsong WolfPack Masao Loublin 8
Household Nimbor Clan 0
Company Nimbor Clan Takigawa Ieyoshi 2
Company Ninja No Ie Killjoy NightRogue 9
Company Ninja Turtles Folcwine 7
Company Ninjasaurus Sord the Rat 3
Company Nizari Demo 8
Company No Heroes Page Bazil Amrolain 6
Company No Quarter Montag Tangoth 3
Company Noble House of Leon Rorie Leon 3
Company Noble Serpents Wyell Voad 7
Company Noble SOciety of the Golden Chalice 0
Company Nocte Vivat Crimson Newt Tanis Wolfsong Bear Blade 6
Company Noctem Clan Sirius 4
Household Nocturnals Jilliscious 11
Company Noir Renard Adric Cuar 6
Company Nomads Squire Arklon 3
Company Nordic Dragons Soren 3
Company Nordic Nomads 31
Company Nordic Nomads 0
Company Norse Star 18
Company North Haven Heavy Industries Sir Oderic 3
Household Northern Amazons 17
Household Northern Lights College of Bards 0
Household Northern Shields Bjorn Fellhand 20
Company Northlanders Jacob McCarder 1
Household Northreach Artisans 6
Household Northreach Responders Baron Dieter Bron Von Boneschvinger, Walker in the Middle 2
Company Nova Co 14
Company Nova Company Lord Bovine Landen 1
Company NW Saracen Tribe - Morta Brigada Lady Anatashia Lovitar 5
Company O'Dubghail 0
Household Obsidian Order 3
Household Obsoleet 2
Household Occultis Verum Archdruid Squatch Draoi 3
Company Odinmadr Mannanan 10
Company Odinmadr Sid NaNuWhoGod 1
Company Odious Pariahs Godwyn 11
Household Olympus Royal Navy Skrag 7
Company Omega Squire Trelick 22
Company One Eyed Dragon Clan (Date Clan) Jager Obscura 10
Company Open Palm S 0
Household Oppai Kami Yasha 6
Household OPS 2
Household Orc House Dallas Peregrinus 1
Household Order Medicalia 5
Household Order of Ancients Vandrith Ahnwyer 3
Company Order of AVO Lady Squire Renjara 2
Household Order Of Dark Forest 8
Company Order of Death's Embrace Lady Fael Succeed Sanguine Dracul 5
Company Order of Peasants & Surfs (O.o.P.S) Lord E 11
Company Order of Ragnarok Warhound Stormhammer 1
Household Order of ST Cuthbert Garret Thornwood 3
Company Order of Tauren Ser Jynx Mercades 2
Company Order of Tauren Nakis Mercades 1
Company Order Of Terileyea Deathric R'azel Shadowmoore 4
Household Order of the Blue Arrow (Disbanded) Lemac Xavier 1
Company Order of the Broken Gard Falen Angelis 3
Company Order of the Clover Bevier Arcanum 3
Company Order of the Crimson Saints Marcus du Tristan 6
Company Order Of The Dark Forest 0
Household Order Of The Dragolich Requiem Nightroad 1
Company Order of the Dying Light Xanthas Silvermoon 6
Company Order of the Ebon Sky 0
Household Order of the Eldritch Eye Qintahr Woodhelven 8
Company Order of the Elements Orion 11
Company Order of the Errant Raven A. Lightshadow nav'Nox of Clan Lovebites 3
Company Order of the Fallen King Angel Morti 2
Company Order of the Four Winds 0
Household Order of the Gilded Dragons Rainai Turnith 1
Household Order of the Gilded Dragons 5
Company Order of the Greenwood Malmoria Winters 4
Household Order of the Greenwood Malmoria Winters 18
Company Order of the Inquisitive Eye Count Thorge Badgerhart M.D. 10
Household Order of the Jovious Lord Gorrop Ompgouze 4
Company Order of the Laughing Badger Countess Silverleaf Nar'Thoniel 6
Company Order of the Mad Hatter Raptor 6
Household Order of the Mystic Eye Countess Squire Rachel Hollyrose 5
Household Order of the Sacred Lotus Petrarch 7
Household Order of the Salty Slug FalQuinn Tannon 8
Company Order Of The Sanguine Shields Nevldren 5
Household Order of the Silent Rose Sir Lady Kaylin Underhell / Lady Mom 11
Household Order of the Silver Spoon Shogun Sir Tomahomie 5
Company Order of the Silver Stag 18
Company Order of the Sith 0
Household Order of the Sith Jericho Lyonall 2
Company Order of the Trident 0
Company Order of the White Raven Seamus MacNeacail 6
Household Order of the White Rose Duran Cannon 9
Household Order of the Wise Fianna Dragonfly 3
Company Ordine Elfassins 16
Household Orion Syndicate Adorth 12
Company Ornamental Honor 0
Company Orochi Clan Kuma Shiroi 2
Company Otani 3
Company Ouroboros Rookie 3
Company Outsiders 12
Company Over Protective Brother House Big Head 11
Household P.O.P. Toa Zhen 3
Company Pack of the Full Moon Tally Nightsong 2
Household Pactum Paludis 0
Household Pagkawasak Gworin 6
Company Painted Valkyries Krieger 6
Company Palatinus Revolutionary Army, Southern 0
Company Pandemonium 0
Company Panty Crusaders Sirius 2
Company Panurple Jade Panurple 12
Company paragons Kurik "Tuck" Sorrowsworn 9
Company Pathos' Cove Thorin Njalsson 10
Company Peasants Guild Darius Llewellyn 4
Household Penguin BrickSquad Varanus Stormbringer 2
Household Penitant Thorvald Penitant-del Khahli Odinson 1
Company People's Republic of Cormacstan Cormac ap Tarkus Stormblade Grimwulff MacLeod 5
Company Peregrine Company 8
Company Peregrine Guard 53
Company Peregrine's Minstrels Isoud 8
Household Persona 4
Household Persona Gale Ambrosius 3
Household Petting Zoo Ulfr Bloodax 5
Household Phallus Matthias O\'Lachon 4
Household Phantom Skull, Crew of the Promethea Extollere 12
Company Phoenix Gaurd Aiden 1
Company Phoenix Guard Star 32
Company Phoenix Guard Dawn Starlight 1
Company Phoenix In Intuneric esquire Dark Angel VaLight 3
Company Phoenix Tears 0
Company Phule's Company Shades Moonwraith 10
Company Pink Ladies Bluemoon Nemoralis 5
Household Pink Unicorn Brigade Jill Bug 8
Company Pirates 0
Company Pirates in Men's Pants Akkir Flint 5
Company Pirates of Frost Fire Chaos Tortae' The Madd Hatter 1
Company Pirates of Stormwall Hawklynn 1
Household Pirates of the Platte Raion no Tepposette 11
Household Pirates of the Rusty Chain Draxenn Adamentus Dracontus Silentarus 10
Company Pirates of the Silver Seas 0
Company Pirates Wink Master Cethan 12
Company Pladians Hiroshima 1
Company Plain White T's Genjhis 6
Household Plan B Sir Razor 1
Company Planeswalker Brother Vin 14
Company Platinum Dragons Xanatos 6
Company PM Mafia Kira 5
Company Poison 0
Company Praetorian Elite 0
Household Pre-Emptive Nautical Salvage Experts (PeNSE) Crispin Silvermane 14
Company Preservers of the Eco-Bio-Deathosphere Tempest Weststone 5
Company Pride Bron Brodir 1
Company Prohibition 3
Household Prometheus Man-At-Arms Gratus 1
Company Prowlers Lord Redwolf 11
Company Prowlers 24
Company PTK Deagan Tserrall 8
Household Purple Rose Dawn Starlight 8
Company PV DC JLA Ragnar Stark 4
Household Pyrus Draconis shady 3
Household Qu'ellar d' Oreb 14
Company Qu'ellar Renor Cryso Kenta Redhawk 10
Company Quendelie Goodwyn_Clu_DaBard 19
Company Questmasters Guild 0
Company Raccoon Keep Arcana Le Elfriche 14
Company rage weavers 0
Household Ragged Crows Lady Demonika 25
Company ragnars flock Ragnar 1
Household Raiders from the Northern Skies Mal Bedelia 2
Household Raiders of the Lost Bread 6
Household Random Adventurers 2
Household Ranger Corp Jarl Squire Lucien Vondreli, Paragon Scout 3
Company Ranger Corps. 8
Company Rangers of Retribution Baronetess Dorlainedainwen Ancalime 6
Company Ranunculus Liam 1
Company Rat Dogs MamaSoBrave 4
Household Raven Raven (TDV) 1
Household Raven UpMihr D. Beanslaw 6
Household Raven Katnip Kinslayer 1
Household Raven 33
Household Raven Clan Chieftain Caedere Greyshield 1
Household Raven Clan 9
Company Raven Mockers 0
Company Raven's Fury Truffle 7
Household Ravencroft 72
Household Ravenhold Jager vonderchaos 3
Company Ravenhold armory 0
Company Ravenous Xander 5
Company Ravens Darva Oakstake 17
Company Ravens of the Forgotten Wood 0
Household Ravenscaw Manor Father Justinian Linkoping aka Link 6
Company Ravenwynd Tirtul 6
Household Ravnicans 7
Company Ravnos of Sarroth Lord Squire Leefy Stormblade 10
Company Rayside Brigade Tanin 15
Household REAPER 5
Company Reavers Baronet Lord Thalyn den Macros 4
Company Rebels of Blackwood Panthra Maya 8
Company Rebels of the Sacred Heart Admiral Anne Cash 12
Company Reborn Gliphiris 5
Company Red Branch Goldshield of Neverguard 8
Company Red Cohort The Captain 14
Company Red Dragons Guild Quarteg 10
Company Red Feather Fighting Company 0
Household Red Hand of Ulster Ashitaka 3
Company Red Knives Rikar 6
Company Red Team Nodule 3
Company RedHawk Goodwyn_Clu_DaBard 20
Company Redthorn Clan Dougie Redthorn 2
Household Republic of Harley 5
Company Revenants 0
Company Revenants Luster Exillis 4
Company Right Hand of God Revanent 5
Household Right to Bear Arms Sir Euric Bloodstone 20
Company Rinaed Aldregi-vetr Moldath 5
Household Rising Phoenix Hard Place 6
Household Rising Suns, The Viper 11
Household Rivers End House of Pancakes Axgar Erion the Blackhanded 18
Company RKA Changeling 9
Company Roger's Raiders 40
Company Roger's Raiders Lucius Weezicus 1
Company Rogue Company Arg Mourningwood 12
Household Roisin Kaas MacCoill 1
Company Rolling Thunder Aurora Selene 2
Company Ronin 0
Company Rooks Baron Sir Warlord Bayn, Defender of the Rising Winds 7
Company Rose in the Wild Spike FireCrow 2
Company Rose in the Wild Lady ShadowRose Ravenmoon 7
Household Rose Quartz Apprentice Kraken 1
Household Rose Quartz Karina Russo 3
Household Rosenkrantz MaA Drakon Rosenkrantz 5
Household Rosewood Lord J. Mann 12
Household Roughknecks Adorth 4
Company Roving Highlanders Marcus McTavish 4
Company RTFR Aries Darkthame 7
Company Ruineco Doladar 14
Company Rum and Blood Pirates 0
Household Running Around Lost Raven 4
Household Rusty\'s House of Fun 1
Company Rutgers, A team of the California Jugging League Feanix Silverthorn 10
Household RW - DPFL Juicy Kressh 59
Company RW-Suspensions or Probations ONYX 1
Household RWMW Artemis 2
Household S.H.I.E.L.D Page Lord (Don) Fernando Del Suenos 5
Household S.S MINNOW crew Razgriz 1
Company S.S. LEIBELNG Lord Sebastion Wyngarde, Pirate King 2
Company S3ven Turtle Darkblade Willow the Wisp 3
Company Sable Drakes Night Wolf 11
Company Sable Drakes Too Psycho Scarecrow 1
Company Sable Pride TuK! Uziel 38
Company Sable's Drakes 7
Household Safe Space Westmarch 6
Company Safeguard Company Arro Volpenthorne 4
Company Saints Guppie 3
Household Samurai (Household) Cervantes (Smiley) SpiritPaw Ironfist 5
Company Sanctum Bonecrusher 6
Household Sanctum Skies Abram 4
Company Sanguine Phalanx Crisp 1
Company Saracen Mister Pixy 1
Company Saracen Reaper Forsaken 1
Company Saracen Kyzen Rithanden 1
Company SARACEN CRIMSON DEATH Squire Jean-Pierre Durvay 2
Company Saracen Tribe Brimstone ShadowHawk Grimwulff 5
Company Saracen, Tribe Shadow Sentinals ShadowHawk Grimwulff 1
Company Saracen- Mamluks Sludig McLeod 19
Company Saracens Sir Lockland 1
Company Saracens 20
Company Saracens Old Woman o' the Woods 1
Company Saracens Mistery 1
Company Saracens Mistery 1
Company Saracens - Wetlands Carebear 1
Company Saracens Anubis's Pack Sir Baron Rigor Stormblade 6
Company Saracens dark lotus tribe Kanphuzian Duskwalker 11
Company Saracens Nomads Lord Thoron Underhill 1
Company Saracens Tribe Brotherhood of Tempus Kokeiro Arkaine Macleod 7
Company Saracens Tribe Crimson Hellcats Warbird 18
Company Saracens Tribe Wardens 6
Company Saracens, Kingdom of Tal Dagore 30
Company Saracens, Tribe B.O.S.S Kyrill 5
Company Saracens, Tribe Bastard Sons of Habibi Killian MacGregor 26
Company Saracens, Tribe BoneCrusher's Muns 9
Company Saracens, Tribe Crimson Falcon Jackyl Snowlocke 8
Company Saracens, Tribe Dark Lotus Kanphuzian Duskwalker 16
Company Saracens, Tribe Defenders of the Dream Harlequin 5
Company Saracens, Tribe Hellfire Cormac ap Tarkus Stormblade Grimwulff MacLeod 1
Company Saracens, Tribe Laughing Bat Moose 9
Company Saracens, Tribe Legacy Googles S. McGoogin 7
Company Saracens, Tribe Legend 5
Company Saracens, Tribe Mutaharrik Tulai'a Silverblood 7
Company Saracens, Tribe Obsidian Order Gaelin 1
Company Saracens, Tribe Shadoweaver Malicity 4
Company Saracens, Tribe Silver Moon 0
Company Saracens, Tribe Spartan Terra 3
Company Saracens, Tribe SpellSwords 0
Company Saracens,Tribe Dark Gryphon Victoria Rosendagger 6
Company Saracens- RW Saracens 42
Company Saracens: Tribe Black Hand Whisper Da'Shamonz 3
Company Saracens: Tribe of the Pheonix Aidan Darklighter 7
Company Saracens: Tribe Templar Kenta Redhawk 22
Company Saracens_Nationwide Riddler 7
Company Saretah Moon Ryshad FireClaw Stroke 4
Company Saretah Moon (New Pack) 1
Household Scalpel and Broadsword Medryn 13
Company Scalpers 13
Company Scarlet Meanies Micah Helstaven 12
Company Scions 12
Company Scions Ap Eald Aoibheil Gimli 7
Household Scouts Guild Union Valiant 16
Household Screaming Death Fairies Baronet Conrad Dragonsboon 1
Household Screaming Death Fairies 8
Company SDMF Jugging Crew Drake JR 7
Company Seawolf Seal BlackHawk 21
Household Second Sons Kyzen Rithanden 1
Household Sect of Kressh Juicy Kressh 7
Household Seeds of Change 11
Company Seekers of Elysium Lance Cail 4
Company Seekers of the Abyss Mister Pickles 6
Household Seekers of the abyss Mister Pickles 1
Household Seekers of the Eden Fruit Aeonte Etolamas, MD 2
Company Semigallian Foreign Legion Lord Taeshta De'Daharl 7
Household Sentinels 14
Company Sentinels Of Discordia TORig Headbasher 1
Company Sentinels of the High Forest Vibe 8
Household Sentinels of Virtues Lord Squire Hunteil 18
Company Seraphim 30
Household Serene Order Glyn Aidan 4
Company Sev3n Demons Turtle Darkblade Willow the Wisp 1
Household Seven Deadly Sins Baroness Dame Celwyn 9
Household Sexy Smiths Adorth 11
Company Shadow Chorus Faelynn Dreth 1
Household Shadow Coucil Ducryus of Amagosa 6
Company Shadow Dragon Tariel 2
Company Shadow Fox 0
Company Shadow Moon Kyrill 18
Company Shadow Moon Patch 8
Company Shadow Wolves Zaron Ckeck Valandier 19
Company shadow's and mask's Kodiak Bearclaw 2
Company Shadow's Home Robert Whaler uft hugel 29
Company shadowguard Baronet Lord Master Kavier 5
Company ShadowLegion Qintahr Woodhelven 10
Company Shadows 0
Company Shadowvale 23
Company Shattertooth Slavers Oln Stonehead _ Teeth 6
Household Shield Sisters 2
Company Shifting Gaze Shifty 3
Company Shigurashi Kaas MacCoill 3
Company Shinsengumi 0
Household Shippo 9
Household Shirai Ryu Ryosuke Hasashi 6
Household Shit, Son Laoric 3
Household Shojah Juliet Blackwolf Shojah 1
Household Short Bus Harold 3
Household Siegeweapon Saints Sir Oderic 14
Household Sign of the Raven Laurel Obsidyn 1
Household Silme Kyorlin Uln\'hyrr Treeleaf 5
Company Silures Dragoth Spineclever 7
Company Silver Fang Rilian 5
Company Silver Leigon Dourangando 5
Company Silver Sword 2
Company Silver Sword Arashi Storm Keshin 1
Company SILVER WOLVES Fenris Midgaardsbane 7
Household Silverheart Salvage & Supply Co. Lord Jason Silverheart 1
Company Silvestris Draconis Morgil Flamestrike 11
Household Sineaters Anira Rose 1
Household Singollo, House of Goodwyn_Clu_DaBard 37
Household Sisters of the Crescent Moon Tieranny Reign 4
Company Sisters of the Spear Momo Hellfrost 10
Company Sisters of the Spear Household Enayat 6
Company Sith Lord Morgue 3
Company Sith Order Draconus Ov Te Null 1
Household Skullbaker Zombiac 1
Company Skyhold Orvis Orenn 1
Household Slakyer 0
Company Slaver's Guild TORig Headbasher 2
Company Sloth Brigade 10
Household Sloughers Incorporated Milk 6
Household Sloughing Duskans Starlight Ala Tree Via 10
Household Smiling Ones Tess Weasley 7
Household Society of the Hammer Lord Omok Dar 5
Household Society of the Squid Nathanial Goldenleaf 15
Company Sol Invictus 55
Company Solar Guard Bubbles 4
Company Son's of Iona Devaga Raize 19
Company Son's of Iona, Black Spire Division Devaga Raize 4
Company Son's of Odin Foofy Arkain 5
Company Sons of Apollo 4
Company Sons of Asgard Kyrnn Wolfsbane 10
Company Sons of Battle, The Faye Atreides 4
Company Sons of Odin 9
Company Sons of thunder 0
Company Sons of Thunder Lord Slain Valkin 9
Company sons of war Vladimir Petroff 6
Company SoR Quest Guild 0
Company Soul Hunters Lord James Vandyke 1
Company Soul Hunters Lord James Vandyke 1
Company Soul Hunters 2
Company Soul Reapers 9
Company Soul's Arrow Fluffy 4
Company Southern Party House Grix 13
Company Spartans of Savannah Sol 1
Company Spartans of the Rhye Sol 10
Company Spelljocks Fletcher 3
Company Sphinx Tybaut Aurelius Cybil Tezra Jr. 1
Company spiti o sikarious Dante 3
Household Spoonies Bonnie Ellerou 1
Household Spudmasher Clan 12
Company Squatch Lamp 5
Company SS Shepherds Argos Chickensplitter 1
Company St. Beast Sox 6
Company Stamm Tyrs Faust 0
Company Stamm Tyrs Faust Lars Magnus 9
Company Star and The Jesus Kids Atemus 4
Company Star Questing Dragons 23
Company Stark Lord Talon of House Stark 11
Household Stark Armory Marquise Master Squire Elsa Von Liechtenstien 6
Company Steel Brigade 5
Company Steel Brigade 14
Household Steel Rain 8
Household Stella Mirabilis Mercaden Athanauis 3
Company Sterling Dogs Feral Lynn 14
Household Stick Chicks 9
Company Stix Mada Annabellee 8
Company Stone Heads Zeek 6
Company Stoneheart Dusk Rhasnaph, The LightGiver 5
Company Stoneheart Merenwen Stoneheart .^.^. 4
Company Storm Ananias Moirae 2
Company Storm Blades Azazle Aurelian 4
Company Storm Riders Ryle Selvan 7
Company Storm Wardens, The 0
Company Stormcats (Pride of the Southwest) Hawkthorn 8
Household Stormcrows Elvath Xiloscent 7
Company Storyhourahut 0
Company Strays of Mountain Valley BBB 5
Company Strong Paw 0
Company Stygian Carl Handeater 9
Company suicide squad Ikorus 1
Household suicide squad Ikorus 1
Company Sultans of Swing Baronet Lord Master Squire South Side, Esquire 1
Household Sun Moon Passe Merchants Guild 4
Company Swarm Zell 4
Household Swining Cats Revenge 9
Household Sword Brothers Baronet Squire Michael Drakewater 1
Company Sword Dancers 0
Household Sword Knight Bootcamp Megiddo, Esq. 3
Household Sword of Selent (Household) Grand Duke Sir Goliath of Emor 3
Household Swords of the Brazos Nella 'Gekko' Darkblade 3
Household Swords of the Philanthropists 9
Company Swordsworn Jokyo 1
Company Swordy Boys Prince Dragonslayer the Patriot 5
Company Syndicate of the Silver Blade Blue 1
Household T'nirgilesti Ravensblood 18
Company T.N.A. Bones 9
Household Tal'Mare'Ra Arch Duke Bruin Valorn 2
Company Tales of Our First Glory Shadrach Esq. 3
Company Talon 0
Company Talon & Co. Daryth Fytakin Killzmany 12
Company Tantiss Avengers Zac Attack 2
Company Tar'annen De'Zakath 0
Company Tatsu Clan Azerin 6
Company Taylor Clan General Master Paint Taylor 2
Company Tazanar Lorack 3
Company TB Raiders Ketsif Tisarin 5
Company TDV Brewers Guild Dallas Peregrinus 1
Company Teallaigh cailín Raven "Tatterhood" McOllthair 3
Company Team Apathy Davey 5
Company Team Broken Armidrake 5
Company team dai-gurren Moonbay Fae-Draconis 8
Company Team Flaads Kaadiart Hearts AnaMayn 2
Household Team Poke'Awesome! Freya Gerulf 1
Company Team Rocket 0
Household Team Roleplay 21
Company Tempest Thane Karn Flannwulf 9
Company Templars 44
Household Templars Of Steel Bjorn Fellhand 4
Company Templars of steel, Militia of The Iron Dagger 0
Company Temple of Dusk Nevin "The Scorpion" Arcnadas 4
Company Temple of steel Man at Arms Strategos 2
Company Temple of the Vanguard 21
Company Templus Miles, House Achilles Victrix 2
Company Templus Milies Militia 0
Household Tendragon Wicked Way (Wicked Witch of the West) 1
Company Terra Ignus 0
Event test azus 1
Household Test Company Test 1
Household Tester Test 1
Event testing Duskan Dumah Gaust 1
Company testy Test 1
Company Teutonic Fighting Company 0
Household The A Team Alhert 10
Household The Alchemical Alliance Anthros 5
Household The Angelic Mafia Momo Hellfrost 6
Household The Angry Mob Lord Tristan Darkskul 1
Household The Archaic Rebellion Ruxeth Etc. Gaust 9
Company The Argonauts (The Crew of the Argo) 14
Household The Army of The Veil Peridot Greenhorn 2
Company The Arrows 11
Household The Association of Otaku 11
Household The Avatar Alliance 11
Company The Band of the Hammer 6
Household The Bards and Nobels 2
Company The Black Hand Wolfear Silverheart 4
Household The Black Hand 5
Household The Black Hand 5
Household THE BLACK HAND 28
Household The Black Hand Ellassandra 1
Household The Black Nights Assasins of Centerpoint Sanguinious 1
Company The Blackheart Clan 21
Household The Bloodtide Rose Siliaqui Zionscient 3
Household The Boarding Party Harold 10
Household The Bodice Brigade 10
Household The Book Wyrms of Amtgard Doak 3
Household The Boxcutter Kids Gorovan Dramsson 1
Household The Boxcutter Kids Gorovan Dramsson 4
Household The Broken Balgair Carach 1
Household The Broken 34
Company The Brotherhood Cliffton Drake, Baron (Home Slice) 8
Company The Brotherhood of Fenrir Link aka Jewbacca 7
Company The Brotherhood of Kaos Malran Singollo 4
Household The Bumbling Bards 3
Company The Bunch Order Bunch 4
Company The Carnival 7
Company the chaos legacy Onyx The Beast, Big O 4
Household The Children of Mar Galinmorn Maldranthe 1
Company The Chimes of Chaos 4
Household The Church of Steeeeeve 21
Household The Church of the High Cross Hitorimono 7
Company The Cimbri 16
Company The Colors of Magic ( card gaming household ) 0
Company The Council Aries 15
Household The Council of Ambassadors to the Order of Disorder 3
Household The Crab Household Kupe 2
Household The Crystal Bastion Lord Kyro Gold 9
Household The Cult of the Third Hand Xedram 11
Company The Dark Legion 0
Company The Dark Templars 1
Company The Darkfire Crafters Guild 0
Household The Darkforesters 0
Company The Devil's Own 19
Company The Dirty Pirate hookers Lady Demonika 11
Company The Discordians Acropolis 2
Company The Draconian Order Verick Mercades the White 1
Household The Drunken Dragon 16
Company The Drunkerds Astriana Fae 10
Household The EastWind Misfits Keliance EastWind 1
Household The Eerants of K.I.T. Spike Backwater 3
Household The Empty Manor Sapphira 1
Household The Fairy's Sorrow Lady Morgana Rendrag 5
Company The Falcon Guard Lorell Theldarin-Nemoralis 5
Company The Fallen Fiona o\'Hu\'iggan 1
Company The Firestrike Clan Dex Terminax Firestrike 9
Household The Flaming Dragons Cooks Guild Squire Trelick 11
Household the forgottens Phase Forgotten 1
Company The Forsaken Immortals 0
Company The Forsaken Ones Orgoth Frostmane 2
Household The Four Winds Sutra Bahuas (aka Sutra the Red) 17
Company The Gate Keepers Tank 1
Household The Goblin Workshop Lord Blix 2
Household The Gonzali 7
Household The Guild of Dirty Minded Archers 4
Company The Harbingers Opi Cunningham 17
Company The Harrowblight 0
Household The Harrowblight Xhorja Wladomyr Borghikov 1
Company The Heralds Of Ragnarok Valiant 7
Household the Heralds of Ragnarok Thordon The Fire Drinker 7
Household The Herd 15
Household The High Order of Lamplighters Darius Longstrider 1
Company The Horsemen 4
Household The House of Bad Decisions Mokushi Aria Cross 6
Company the house of Draconis Rayne Amunet 11
Household The House of Gir Dib Belgerik Raeonwyn 10
Household The House of the Ancient Ways 31
Household The House of the Dragon Lotus Lady Kahlan Feir 9
Company The House of the Shadowed Moon Baronet Lord Squire Haze Shadowmoon Von Hellscream, Esq, Defender of CG 12
Company The House of the Wandering Unicorns 0
Company The Household of the Templar 0
Company The Huns Timur 5
Company The Immortals Shin 5
Household The Infidels Squire Shag du Chevalier 1
Household The Jotnar 5
Company The killer fish Troggdor 1
Company The Kondar Society Thorn 3
Household The Lantern Corps 28
Company The Last Bastion 8
Household The League of Extrodinary Fluffy Men Kieran Seerwater 21
Company The Legion 39
Company The Lion's Guards La Zorra de Villanueva 1
Company The Lions Guard 5
Company The Lollipop Guild 0
Household The Lollipop Guild Lady River Gale 2
Household The Lost Boys 7
Household The Mages Guild 9
Company The Mar Clan Rhygar den Macros 5
Household The Moonlit Seethe T Stryke 7
Company The Myrmidons Burkhard 3
Company The Mystic Dragons 0
Company The Nameless Ones 17
Company The Night Watch 17
Household The Northern Empire Caravaniers\' Guild 9
Household The Northern Tribe of Fur and Fang 14
Household The Northern Wardens Alarrea 1
Household The old Wilds 2
Company The Order Of Disorder 32
Household The Order of the Blue Hand Christoph Dubois 3
Company The Order of the Broken Gard Vash Starwind 1
Household The Order of the Chromatic Penguin Lady Kayla 1
Household The Order of the Chromatic Penguin 12
Household The Order of the Crimson Lance Gerdon Paganis 3
Company The Order of the Dragon Distron 1
Company The Order of THe Granite City Templars 6
Household The Order of the Impartial Korran 1
Company The Order of the Moon Eternal Man-at-Arms Talos 1
Company The Order of the Moon Eternal Man-at-Arms Talos 1
Company The Order of the Moon Eternal (TOME) Man-at-Arms Talos 4
Household The Order of The Redhill Coxion 2
Company The Order of the Undying Shadow 11
Company The Outsiders 0
Household The Outsiders 0
Household The Pack Lady Squire Xandryia Whitewolf Wyngarde 6
Company The Pack Rourka Thistlesong, Lady 3
Company The peregrines Hazel Rah 1
Household The Planeteers Kit Silvertail 6
Company The Praetorian Elite Magnus Blackeagle 1
Company The Reapers 2
Company The Reapers 2
Household The Rebel S Hitorimono 13
Household The Right Hand Bunch 5
Company The Roses 14
Company The Row Vezgez 5
Company The Royal Guard Greywolf of Querna Tema 1
Company The Royal Guard Pulos Maximus Von Andronicus 4
Company The Sacred Order of the Righteous Brotherhood of the Chosen, Holy Warriors of BoB the Unforgiving Target 18
Household The Scarlett Brotherhood 18
Household The Sept of the River-Walkers Bjorn Fellhand 4
Company The Seven Deadly Sins Envy longsword 1
Household The Shadow Wolves 19
Company The Shadowfangs 22
Household The Sheathed Blade Alhert 2
Household The Shirtless Assasins Darkacid 5
Household The Silver Scale 12
Household The Silver Scale Hurick Fenric Ironclaw 1
Company The Sith Order Ultimo 3
Household The Smiths of Howling Plains 7
Household The Sons of Gothika Lord Man-at-Arms Shayich Lightbright 5
Household The Spetsnaz Lord Renn Penombra 5
Household The Spoonies Bella 9
Company The Stone Wolves Free Company 3
Household The Stonecutters Adorth 13
Household The Thirsty Warg Inn Jade von felix 2
Household The Thirsty Warg Inn SimiaVir 3
Household The Tokwan Vaunt Archduke Squire Nydgenga Dawnbreaker 3
Household The True Children of Mar Galinmorn Maldranthe 1
Household The Ulves Lord Ainvar du Chevalier 5
Company The Watch 0
Company The Wildcat's Claw Angus MacGillivray 1
Household The Wilds Ice Diamondstone 1
Household The Wilds Bastion 13
Company The Wildwood Tregod Galdrwrought 1
Company The Winterborn 8
Household The Wolf's Den Aya Winchester 1
Company The Wrong Company Styxx kattalakis 1
Company The Wrong Company TWC 9
Company The Xth Legion Laneacea Lunar Campbell 7
Company The ZEN Whistler 9
Company This 0
Household this Daffy Yoshido 1
Company THOR Valiant 14
Company Those Who Dwell Within Turtle Darkblade Willow the Wisp 1
Company Thousand Sons Blackfire Moonshadow 2
Household thrice 2
Company Thronnos Rokke Clan Lord Sieto (BlackWulf) Niketa Esquire 15
Household Thronnos Rokke Clan Duke Cubli Kong 11
Household Thug 4
Company Thunder Kittens(House) Alex Snow 3
Household ThunderCats Cervantes (Smiley) SpiritPaw Ironfist 3
Company Tiger Clan Michael, Hammer of God 1
Company Tiger Clan 8
Company Tiger Clan - North Maldread Bloodfangs the Mostly Mighty 9
Company Tiger Clan - South Hertug Sir Bromhir Ethindale-Tannon, The High Ringgiver 6
Company Tiger Clan North Cassi Sunshine 1
Household Tik Ticketers TikTik 3
Company Timber Wolves Gunther 7
Household Timete Aranei Arthur 5
Company Tiocfaidh Arla Frank Avilia 13
Household Toemunchers Tribe 3
Company TOWER 31
Company Toy Soldiers Kathrynn Devinue 11
Company TPK Godwyn 10
Household Traginoire, House Matthias O\'Lachon 9
Household Trans of Amtgard 3
Company Triads Flowbojin Thunderhammer 16
Household Tribe of Dragonclaw Amaryliss 3
Company Tribe of the Wild Blood Sir Euric Bloodstone 9
Company Tribe Subtle Paradox Javier Backstabber 1
Company Troyans Mordron 2
Company True Brew Sir Gideon OathBreaker 4
Company True-Silver Leothric 2
Company Tudors OverLord Twilight S. Moon 6
Household Tuek Esmea Von Tuek 7
Company Tulwar Jozan Darklighter 1
Company Turtle Clan of Dreadmoor 0
Company Twilight Order Balidar 3
Company Twin Daggers Scorbok 5
Company Twin Fields Vladimir Petroff 4
Company Tzhazhgath urwa k'a thkurra kazka Master Randani Van Klief 4
Company Ubertas Venator 0
Company Ulfr Savannah 2
Company Umbra Angelis Scarlett 4
Household Umbra Nicht Blight Wyngarde 3
Company Umbrella Chryn Aoroura 4
Company Undecided Sloane 5
Company Union Baronet Colin Archibald 10
Company Unit Slick Johnny 9
Household United Reeves League Pheonix McDermottMacLeod 9
Company Unseen Hand 28
Company Unwanted Soldiers,The 0
Company Ursa Alliance Tobor 1
Company Ursa Alliance Tobor 1
Company Ursa Alliance Bjorn Grimfrost 1
Company Ursa Alliance Bjorn Grimfrost 1
Household Vaeringjar Ulfmani Riggson 1
Company Valhalla Guard 0
Company Valkyrie Woman at Arms Lorelei 4
Company Valyr Gequinn Hvalr Frostborne 5
Company Vanguard Stefan del Sala 1
Household vanguard of the fallen Jason Darkfire 1
Household Vanir Adric Cuar 7
Company Vastal Snafu de Fubar 3
Company Velvet Hearts, The 0
Company Veritas Countess Sir AMC 11
Company Verlorn Aariman 1
Company Vermillion Corp Serin Hector 15
Company Vermillion Corp (Reformed) Wolf 6
Household Victorious Secret Arch Duchess Dame Sindari Elfstone 12
Company victus mortus pisces pisces Kenta 2
Company Viking Camp! 8
Company Vinland Norsemen 6
Household Violet Light Corps 6
Household Vishnu\'s Elbow Nathanial Goldenleaf 16
Company Vision Baronet Sir Blackthorn 6
Company Vodacci Bartacus 5
Household von Banana Megiddo, Esq. 3
Company Voodoo Confederacy Lodan Reaper of St. Beast 2
Company Voodoo Confederacy (House) Lord Squire Raziel St. Beast 5
Company Wakagashira Tanzaemon Po no Wakagashira 14
Company Wandering Blades Fox 6
Company Wandering Soul Ducryus of Amagosa 9
Company Wandering Unicorns Dr. Lord Miles Ookami 2
Company War Dragons 23
Company War Fighters Lile The lavishly long liar AKA Jimmy 1
Company War hounds Lady Kira Bloodgulch 1
Company Wardancers 95
Company Wardancers Old Woman o' the Woods 1
Company wardens Faerbrorn 6
Company Wardens Chieftan Hunter NewBuddy 1
Company Wardens of Shadow's Light 15
Company Wardens of the Pillar Relik 10
Company Wardens of Wyvernwatch Rufus of Wyvernwatch 1
Company Warder Wenches Maera Halvorsdottir 16
Company Warhounds Thorgar Dragonwulf 5
Company Warpath Draigh 8
Company Warrior's of the Ancient Ways 0
Household Warriors Of Freya 6
Household Warriors Of Freya Odinia 1
Company Warriors of the ancient way's 0
Company Warriors of the Ancient Ways 20
Company Warriors of the Pie Ampere Zaphrix 2
Company Warriors of the Rising Sun 0
Company Warriors of the Skuare Table Tristan 5
Company Warriors Of The Three Suns Apprentice Dann McNeal 1
Household Warriors of the Trident 14
Company Warrior\'s of the Ancient Way\'s 0
Company Warspite Lord Renn Penombra 1
Household Watch Tower Squire Arklon 5
Household Watchers of the Abyss Artorias 8
Household Waywatchers Adorth 23
Household We Hate Cody Brigade Thustra 4
Company weapons of mass destruction Raven 5
Company Weeping Skull, House of the Wyell Voad 2
Company Wenches Guild Baronet Lady Morgana 13
Company WEnches Guild 2 Dante 10
Household Wendy and The Lost Boys Baron Karl von Rot Wyrm 69
Company Wheel 22
Company White Boar Godwyn 27
Company White Horse Consortium EOHNNI VonWolf 5
Household White Horse, Household Molly Mallone 9
Company White Tiger Lord Renn Penombra 1
Company White Tiger Company Tattered 17
Company Whitetree Ari Kimora Raeonwyn 3
Household whoops Toad 1
Company Wicked Celtic Warrior Women Syrlia 6
Company Wicked Clownz Household Lord Kavik WhiteScar 5
Company Widow's Peak 0
Company Wild Hunt Master Man at Arms Nox Illuminati del Sol 4
Household Wild Ones Masao Loublin 3
Household Windmoorian Guard Sir Soram the Elder 8
Company Windswords Dreadd Jester (Formerly Olan Kram of Morgarock, CK) 4
Company Windwalkers 0
Company Wings of Excalibur Vall Shadowlord 3
Company Wings of the Dawn Veneficus Tenebrus 6
Household Witchbane Sir Little John 1
Household Woden's Eye Archduke Squire Nydgenga Dawnbreaker 1
Company Wolf Fienyx Wolf 3
Company Wolf Gang Mourning Wolf 4
Company Wolf Pack Red Krakr 2
Company Wolf Pack Clan Stryfe Blublade / Azure Sunweaver 11
Household Wolf Riders Manthax Halar 1
Household Wolf Riders Clan Jericho Dawnrazor 29
Household Wolf's Head Tavern 4
Company Wolf's Run JackJack 4
Household Wolfcaller Clan 4
Household Wolffe Pack Kite Avicenna of Lands End 9
Household Wolfheim Militia 8
Company Wolfpack Seal BlackHawk 17
Company Wolfram And Hart 0
Household Wolfrider Genghis Scarpaw 1
Company Wolves Den House Justice Tidespear 7
Company Wolves of Cernunnos 64
Company Wolves of Noctis Kcamlen 3
Household Wolves of Taranis Orlando Ebasdotter (Obie) 9
Company Wolves of Valor 26
Household Woodwalke House Glenalth 3
Household Wu Tang Zumat 39
Company Wu Xing Guard Kuma 6
Company Wu Xing Temple Kuma 6
Company Wurmwood Slayer\'s Guild 6
Household Wyld Hunt SimiaVir 4
Company Wyld Stallyns Sai Bowen 1
Household Wyld Stallyns Ursus \'Bear\' MacGrioghar 2
Household Wyrmsblood Greydon Wyrmsblood 1
Household Wyrmsblood Greydon Wyrmsblood 1
Company Xar'zinth Guy'ya Nizzre' 10
Company Xenochronus Alliance 0
Household XOl Rune Masada 3
Household XXII Legion 26
Household Yarnies Wickett Evergreen 21
Household Yellin Mellons 9
Company Yingling Corranna Yngling 1
Company Young Justice Lady Blaze 4
Household Zephyr, Crew of the Adorth 10
Company ZERO Lorell Theldarin-Nemoralis 18
Household Zilch, House Of Demonia Weblings 2
Company Zodiac Lord Renn Penombra 4
Company Zodiac Primals Rabbit FootLong 5
Company Zombie Kickboxing League 0