InterKingdom House of Pancakes

Name: InterKingdom House of Pancakes
Type: Household
Url: Website
Description: Welcome to the InterKingdom House of Pancakes! IKOP is proud to be the number one pretend (and sometimes real) purveyor of sumptuous breakfast delights (other than pancakes) to the Amtgard masses. Application are currently being accepted for almost all positions. The pay is dismal, the benefits non-existent, but hey, so are the hours. Please tender all respective applications to join the IKOP team to
History: Formed sometime after 1995, but prior to 2005 (I don't remember the details), the House of Pancakes was started in the IM by Kord and a couple of other drunk individuals. Sometime after its founding between 1995 and 2005, Shanti was invited to join so that we could make it the InterKingdom House of Pancakes. After Shanti left to pursue a high-powered career as an FDA litigator, other members were hired from across the AmtWorld to retain the InterKingdom title.


Member Role Title
Alania Member Expediter
Baron Monsignor Quiet Member Men's Room Attendant
Casca Eruoy Member Chef de Cuisine
Count Sir Loptr Member Flapjack Flipper
Cullum Eyrewolf Valinor Member Front House Manager
Daenen Member Graveyard Line Cook
Itsari Tul Member Head Line Cook
Korderellin Member President and CEO, IKOP Inc.
William Blackhand-Darkjester Member Shiftless Layabout