Name: Nizari
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: The Nizari are a company of men and women, centered around a balance of Arts and Science, and Fighting. The company takes new members on their merit in one of those catagories. The current domain of the Nizari is the field of Evermore Hollow. The Nizari strive to help the newcommers of the field to make weapons and garb for their classes and learn the rudements of the game.
History: The Nizari started as a tribe of the Saracens under the name The Jenasaries. Sir Kamal Mustafa, company captain of the Nizari, decided to break ties with the Saracens and start anew, thus where born the Nizari. Adopting new colors and heraldry the Nizari are still composed of all but one of the original members of the company.


Member Role Title
Christoph Alexander Skyy Member Initiate
Darius 'bin Kamal Mustafa Member Member
Demo Member Initiate
Kamal Aser Allah bin Mustafa bin Hassen A\'Meca Member Captain
Lilith Member Member
Netzai Member Sergeant
Sir Anubis Devilboon Member Lieutenent
Squire Darineth Thunderstrike Deathdealer, Nymph of the Nizari Member Member