Star Questing Dragons

Name: Star Questing Dragons
Type: Company
Url: Website
Description: The Star Questing Dragons oftern refered to as SQuiDs are first and foremost a fighting company. We seek those with the raw talent to be a strong fighter. Maybe not the best fighter but a person we know will have our back covered to the best of their ability. We are also focused on making the game a better place thru service to the park and the game.
History: The original fighting company of Amtgard founded by Tawnee Darkfalcon. We espouse working towards the betterment of the game, and bringing stick to the field.


Member Role Title
Akoto Jyakku Member
Arn Aruikkson Member SQD'ling
Baron Wenlock Member
Baronet Akin Member
Baronet Conrad Dragonsboon Member
Baronet Phica Heisenblade the Fox Member SQD'ling
Count Sir Loptr Member
Darth P-Nut, Kenjitsu Master of the Lost Art of Peepee Bashing, Lord UltraSluff of the Nuckleduste Member
Defender Man-at-Arms Dragon Redthorn Member
Duke Sir Neobrood Breeder Cassius Member Captain
Lord Squire Sean Darkskul Member
Lord Tristan Darkskul Member SQD'ling
Man at Arms Ursus Aquilonem Member
Marquis Garlon Retjick the Nose Member
Pyro Appareo Member
The Right Reverend Richard Member SQD'ling
Woman-at-Arms Destin Member